I make no profit on this; Star Wars was invented by The Flannelled One and now belongs to Walt Disney Co. But I'm grateful for being allowed to play in their sandbox!



29.september 2014

Hi Daedalus - and others "out there." Thank you for the encouragement! Whenever I manage to start posting, it will be your achievement as much as my own!!! My life is insanely busy, and has been so for the past three years. I have about half of the story written by now, but unfortunately not starting from the beginning. I cannot say when I'm ready to start posting, but I write again now, after a major break that was due to some private hardship. Wish me a winter of peace and inspiration!


14. november 2012

I'm currently writing on second part of full-length story Quagmire.  It's been uphill for months, but the past weeks I've finally bee able to "hear" the characters while I write = I can enjoy  writing again.  I won't try to predict when I can start posting, but I've started to believe I will , eventually.




This is a site for KATAJA's Star Wars fanfiction. All my stories feature Luke Skywalker and/or Mara Jade and most take place during or after the original trilogy. Apart from that, my stories are pretty varied - some are serious, some silly, some smut - so please check presentations and ratings before you read! 


The stories are divided into Viggies/Short Stories, Long Stories and Drabbles, depending on their length. Under Appendices, you can find some facts that can be helpful, plus my musings on Star Wars and fanfiction in general, along with some Links I recommend.

I hope you enjoy your stay. You're welcome to leave a note in my guestbook below or review the stories singly. 






Note on the writer
English is not my first language so I owe a huge and deepfelt thanks to a series of wonderful beta readers: Cat's Cradle, Karen, Mona, VaderLVR64, JediMara77 and frodogenic!



mylau // 03.08.16
mathew.lau236@gmail.com //

Hi Kataja, I read your story years ago (many many times) and I just wanted to encourage you to keep writing, but also to take your time and prioritize your life first. Looking forward to your next work.

Jawet // 12.11.15

Any status update on Quagmire part II?

I have very little hope for new movies being any good, but I do hope they will activate fanfic writers like you once more.
Jawet // 12.11.15

Any status update on Quagmire part II?

I have very little hope for new movies being any good, but I do hope they will activate fanfic writers like you once more.
SarahBeth // 29.06.15
sarahbethlf@comcast.net //

Hi, just a little more encouragement to keep working on Quagmire II. Part I was so well written. I can't believe that English isn't your first language!! I hope that you had a restful winter, and have moved on to a great summer. Please don't forget your readers!!
drak // 31.05.15

I hope you made good progress on quagmire part 2 during winter. Just reread part 1 and still can't wait for more. High quality L/M fics especially from pre-union timeline are so rare these days which is shame since most of my favourite stories are set during those years.
Daedelus // 07.11.14

Thanks a lot for your kind response Kataja. I'll be sure to check your site every now and then for the second part of this great series!

May the Force be with you!
Elissa // 23.10.14

Oh! You gave an update. What a lovely surprise. I do look in on your site every once in a while. Have a great winter of relaxation, inspiration and writing time! It would be great to know how this tale will continue... All good wishes!
Daedelus // 30.09.14

When will you upload Quagmire part II? Your fans are surely waiting.
Uriel1901 // 04.01.14

Hey Kataja

I LOVE your Stories, especially Quagmire! It´s one of the best stories I´ve ever read and I read a lot ;).....
When do you start posting your new story? I´m waiting for over one year now and it`s driving me nuts :P.
PLEASE, please, please post MORE, I´m starving!!!!
Elissa // 30.01.13

Hello Kataja

Thank you for an amazing story!
I really enjoyed 'Quagmire'and am thrilled to read that you are working on the next part. Send us a teaser soon. ;-)
I love the detail and character development you created, both in the characters we know and the ones you added. Sending you all good wishes. May the muse be with you...

Robin // 24.01.12
Rarobin@gmail.com //

Just wanted to say that I'd recently been enjoying your work! Stumbled over here and knew I'd found a kindred soul not only because we both love L&M, but you mention her being like Maureen O'Hara in Against All Flags (maybe my fav movie of all time that no one seems to have heard of). If you write her like Spitfire, it's no wonder I love your Mara! :)

Thanks for the writing.

Hazel // 04.07.11

Hi, kataja! :D
I simply love your website and now I know where to find all your stories.
Jean // 22.05.11
sandwichesyumyum@live.co.uk // UK

Thank you kindly (again!) for your work. You are very talented and have a real knack for portraying Luke and Mara.

I look forward to reading more.
Treena // 13.03.11

Hey... you have a website!! : )
Demendora // 16.12.10
demendora@yandex.ru //

Hi! I am here now too!))
Pax // 01.10.10

Kataja! Look what I just found :) It's so great that you've got a site to gather all your stuff together in one place! Okay, I need to have a wander round now, and get this bookmarked. And if anyone else is reading, I highly recommend Quagmire - it's only a few chapters in, and I'm hooked already ;)
Tad Basset // 15.08.10
tadb@awifilter.com // USA

I think this is for comments...Hi friend.
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