I really should get back to work on this picture as it was one of the first photo shop manips I started with!

While Quagmire technically takes place in an AU around ROTJ, Luke is still very much in "ESB mode" and thus it was natural to take his picture from The Empire Strikes Back. As for Leia, I think this is my favourite picture of her; I remember seeing it back in 1983 and loving it already then.

When writing Shira Brie I had the images from the old Marvel comics in my head, but I soon needed her to flesh out more. I pretty much imagined her with Catherine Zeta-Jones' appealing looks but also her self-assured pose and smile. 

My inner image of Deena kept switching between René Zellweger and Reese Witherspoon and on this cover it's the fomer who features. Dantels has only a small part in the story but as she was significantly Minnie Driver to me, she also got a corner on this cover.

The very first actress that came to my mind when I read Mara in TTT was Erin Gray who's sharp and efficient preformance as Colonel Wilma Deering in the theatrical release of Buck Rogers made a huge impression on me back in 1981. (I might point out that the film was very different from the TV series that appears decidedly silly.) As the first Mara I imagined, Erin was also the Mara I had in mind from the beginning when I started writing on Quagmire.
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