Upcoming projects:

Apart from an insane number of unfinished viggies, I hope at some point in my life to find time to write the stories below. I work persistently on Quagmire, but write on the others when the mood strikes. All the titles are working titles.

Quagmire - part II - Morass
Set 7 ABY and three years after part I. The New Republic is fighting to secure its position, charged by multiple enemies, popping up in the wake of the Empire. In this muddled landscape, young Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker finds himself facing new threats and challenges - not least how to differ friend from enemy.

Quagmire - part III

Deserters - Luke Skywalker is an Imperial War Hero, on leave on Coruscant when he meets a redhaired dancer at the Court. He sets about to win her - but his talents have already been spotted… Drama and romance starting some months before what would have been the battle of Yavin. AU

Between Dreams and Destiny - What if Luke hadn’t found Ben Kenobi that day? Upon his aunts and uncle’s deaths, Luke accepts what he believes is his destiny. But the galaxy won’t leave a Skywalker alone…Epic drama and eventual romance. AU

Yet untitled - The Emperor's Hand is ordered to smuggle Princess  Leia Organa from the Death Star and to her Master. She finds an unexpected ally in a young, former pilot from Tatooine, who's been degraded to Sanitary Facilities Technician for disobeying his superior officers... Action and romance. AU

Scoundrels - What if Mara Jade had already saved Leia from the detention cell when Luke, Han and Chewie came barging into it, and they all five managed to escape, never meeting each other? What if Obi-Wan just managed to tell Leia she has a brother - and if they met some years later, after Luke had spent that time in Han Solo's decadent company? Adventure and romance. AU

The Antsy Queen - Adventure based on an old Tarzan cartoon I remember from my childhood. Whether it will be canon or AU is still up in the air.

Back to Tatooine - Mara and Luke accompany each other on a mission that takes them to Luke's old homeplanet Tatooine. Adventure and romance set around 18 ABY. Canon or AU... haven't decided yet.

Contagion - A plot inspired by an episode in The X-files. Mara finds herself on a planet where a deadly, unknown disease ravages... Canon or AU.

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