These drabbles came from the words: reason, run, rush and vow, ring and kiss

The fear in the cockpit was palpable as the gargatuan spacestation continued to grow in their field of view. Obi-Wan kept his face carefully calm - but behind the unperturbed appearance, his thoughts raced like stirred mynochs.  
Nineteen years. They had waited nineteen years to train Anakin's children - waiting for a sign, for the right moment, for the Force to roll the dice. Had they waited in vain, only to lose to the Empire almost before they'd begun?
No. He willed his mind still, reason kicking in, along with trust. There were too many co-incidences. The Force was at work.
They couldn't run - and they couldn't fight. So they had to find a third way.
Trust the Force.
The constant in his life, those comforting words he'd learned as a boy in the Jedi temple, echoed in his mind. The same words he was now passing on to Luke. He glanced to the youngling. The boy was staring right ahead, eyes wide and anxious. But behind the obvious and fully comprehensible terror, there was a spark - a tingle of excitement.
Obi-Wan sighed silently. The thrill of adventure. Just like Anakin.
Anakin would have rushed into danger head first - and his son, though inexperienced and untrained was tarred with the same brush. A sudden tinge of fear, flashed through Obi-Wan and again, he willed himself serene.
Yoda had foreseen this. He had insisted they'd separate and hide the Skywalker children, for their own good - and for the safety of the galaxy. One fallen Skywalker, no matter how crippled, had been enough to make the galaxy crumble for two decades - how much more so, wouldn't two. And that was, what would have happened, had the Emperor got the wind of their existence.

And from there, everything had gone into hibernation. Yoda'd gone into exile - and Obi-Wan had done the same, devoting himself to guard the boy, physically as well as mentally, though from a necessary distance. Hoping Luke would learn love as well as responsibility and maturity, and vowing to be there for him, when time was ready.
Often - so very often - he'd been utterly close to take matter in his own hands - go to the Lars' homestead and tell Luke the truth - all of it - and start his training. The youth was ripe - and eager. Had been for a long time.

But something had held Obi-Wan back. Fear, perhaps? That Luke's humble background would backlash - as it had with Anakin - and grow to impossible ambitions. That the appearance of the sister would tangle the boy into an attachment he wasn't ready to take responsibility of. That the boy's powers would be beyond his ability - anyone's ability - to control.
So he had waited. And waited.
But now. Now it was time. The ring had closed. The father had unleached himself on the daughter, and the sister had reached out - and found the brother.  And now, the son was coming for the father.
Coming for the father...
Yes... Anakin was on that space station... The Force confirmed it.
And in that moment Obi-Wan knew! Knew, absolutely, that this mere boy beside him, in tatters and shaggy hair, would be the kiss of death, not only for the monster of steel that was about to swallow them - but to the very empire behind.
Yes, Obi-Wan would trust the Force unflinchingly. It had stirred him back into action with the same droids he'd once dismissed so easily - oh, arrogance... - and now, it had led him to a smuggler who...
Smuggler? A smuggler's ship?
Obi-Wan smiled.
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