Below, you can see a presentation of the stories. You can download them in Word or PDF format (I'll be changing them all to the latter by and by) , or you can read them online by clicking on the menu to the left.

Giving In

A little vignette about Luke and Mara on their way home from Nirauan. Missing scene, set inside Vision of the Future, 19 ABY. Canon

Rating: G, fluff

NB! This story continues in the short story Moving On further down on this page.

A Christmas Tale

Luke and Mara share a moment somewhere between 9 and 19 ABY. A little feel good story starting with Mara not feeling good at all.


Rating: G


Stumbling on Carpet Lumps

Leia stumbles into a situation that brings back old ghosts she's never faced. This story is set inside Vision of the Future, 19 ABY and was written as an answer to the Caught Challenge on Skywalker Story Board. Not opposed to canon.

Characters: H/L, L/M

Rating: R, some angst 

Four Days on a Skipray

This missing scene is set inside Dark Force Rising, 9 ABY when Luke and Mara are on their way to rescue Karrde from Grand Admiral Thrawn. I've always wondered how the two of them, their relationship tense already, could manage four days together in a cramped space. In this fic the trip turns out to be somewhat more eventful than I believe writer Timothy Zahn intended. Not opposed to canon.

Rating: R; drama, character study



Corran Horn is having a busy evening. Short story. This is set 18 ABY at Lando & Tendra's engagement party and is another answer to the Caught Challenge on Skywalker Story Board.


Characters: Corran, Luke, Mara & co


Genre: humor, drama


Rating: G


(I still haven't decided whether I should call this story an AU or just NOC (not opposed to canon)... it's left pretty much open. Maybe I'll write a closure to this one day... )

Of All the Droids in the Galaxy

When Luke has fallen asleep on the way to Mos Eisly, Obi Wan contemplates on past and present, the future and the strange ways of the Force.
Missing scene from A New Hope, 0 ABY. Canon.
Rating: G, contemplation
A Dream Long Lost

After helping each other through the terrifying experiences in Mimban, Leia’s and Luke’s relationship takes a step further. Set a couple of days after Splinters of the Mind’s Eye, 2 ABY
Rating: R for romantic gestures since this is set before Luke and Leia knew they were siblings. Not opposed to canon.
Moving On

Short story. Co-written with Cat's Cradle

After leaving Nirauan, Luke and Mara make a forced landing on an undiscovered planet. Follower to Giving In. Not opposed to canon.

Genre: romance

Rating: NC-18



A silly missing scene set in Heir to the Empire 9 ABY, where Luke and Mara must deal with the calls of nature. Not opposed to canon.

Rating: R - for refresher issues


Their First Meeting

Luke and Mara's first meeting; in the dark in a brothel. Setup? - Absolutely! The entire story is a thin excuse for writing smut. It is also my first try on that. The story is set 1 ABY

Genre: Plot? What plot? But not opposed to canon...

Rating: NC-18


The Murder of Mrs. Oggler-Mox

Luke is trying to enjoy some well deserved free time. Only, the life of a Jedi Master isn't that quiet. Answer to a Free Time challenge on the Jedi Council Forums.

Setting: the Jedi Academy on Ossus, 37 ABY

Genre: humor. Could be canon.

Rating: G


The Touch

A child is brought to the Emperor... One-shot, canon.

Setting: the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, 13 BBY

Rating: R, slightly chilling missing scene

Wretched Days

Mara visits a whiny Luke on Yavin IV, shortly after Darksaber, 12 ABY. Independent follow-up to my viggie Four Days on a Skipray. Not opposed to canon.

Rating: R, some drama, character study



Wedge and Wes watch Luke and Mara.

Setting: a lounge area in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, 9 ABY, right after The Thrawn Trilogy.

One-shot, canon, humor

Rating: G

Not Their Finest Hour

This is a story Sherry challenged me to write on Skywalker Story Board. It was to include bad sex and a breaking condom. Preferrably also angst, fear of pregnancy and a freaked out Mara. I've added a good portion of embarrassment too. The couple is, as always, Luke and Mara, the time is around 17 ABY. Not opposed to canon.

Genre: smut

Rating: NC-18 and even then not for everyone! Read at your own risk!

An Arm's Length Away

Visiting the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, Mara once again disapproves of Luke's teaching methods - or does she?

This silly story was inspired by the starting scene in chapter 2 of The New Rebellion as well as hot pics of a sweaty Mark Hamill on the Endor set. It's also a response to the 'Arms' Challenge on TFN, october 2011.

17 ABY canon

Rating: G



Strong-arm tactics

While chasing villains, Luke and Mara must figure out how to ascend a turbolift shaft when the electricity isn't working. Another response to the 'Arms' Challenge on TFN, October 2011.

Missing scene from Survivor's Quest, chapter 18. Canon.

Rating: G


On hokey religions and ancient weapons

Luke's faith in the Force - and in himself - is challenged sooner than one might expect. A missing scene on the silly side, taking place right after the battle of Yavin, a few hours into the night…

Characters: Han, Luke, Leia, others

Rating: G

My Beast Friend

Ossus, 36 ABY, a peaceful moment in the early spring - Canon

Characters: Mara Jade, Saba Sebatyne

Rating: G

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