a difficult or complicated situation:

- Longman Dictionary of Comtemporary English Online

a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

1) a difficult or precarious situation; a predicament
2) an awkward, complex, or embarrassing situation

- Free Online Dictionary


Part 1

As the Battle of Endor approaches, a Jedi and a spy find themselves on common, boggy ground.

Genre: drama, adventure, romance

Characters: Luke, Leia, Han, Mara Jade, Shira Brie, Deena Shan, others from OT and EU from that timeframe.

Note 1: This story is AU. However, when nothing else is mentioned, events will follow ROTJ

Note 2: This is the first, and finished, part of a planned trilogy.

Note 3: My deep and hugefelt thanks go to frodogenic for her marvellous beta work on this story!


Chapter 1 - Onerous Secrets Chapter 2 - Moving Out Chapter 3 - In Jabba's Palace Chapter 4 - On the Khetanna Chapter 5 - Among the Enemy Chapter 6 - Hangfire Chapter 7 - Smokescreen Chapter 8 - Hail to the Heroes Chapter 9 - Assimilation Chapter 10 - Deena Chapter 11 - Concerns, Commitments and Containers Chapter 12 - Confidential Conversations Chapter 13 - An Evening in Chaos Chapter 14 - The Dinner Chapter 15 - The Emperor's Hand Chapter 16 - Broken Resistance Chapter 17 - Revelations Chapter 18 - Vixens Chapter 19 - Spontanity and Complications Chapter 20 - Last Minute Confrontations Chapter 21 - The Mission Chapter 22 - Aftershocks Chapter 23 - The Verdict Chapter 24 - Pariah Chapter 25 - On the Lam Chapter 26 - Dagobah Chapter 27 - Return of the Jedi Chapter 28 - Conclusion and Interlude Chapter 29 - Borrowed Beauty Chapter 30 - Shipwrecked Chapter 31 - Collaborators Chapter 32 - Late Visit Chapter 33 - The Battle of Endor Chapter 34 - Kill Luke Skywalker Chapter 35 - The Morning After Chapter 36 - Epilogue
saul // 06.01.16

Great story. While I have read many enjoyable fanfics from good writers very few of even my favourites come close to level of writing you did in quagmire.

Happy new year. I hope to see part 2 some day... Not to mention other of your "upcoming projects many of them seem very interesting ideas.
Daedelus // 01.10.14

I really love Quagmire, I would gladly if pay this turned into AU novels. I hope this will turn into a complete series. Can't wait for part 2! Hope you won't throw this story away.
Apokal // 19.03.12
apokal031@web.de //

Never thougt i would spend the whole night reading your story Quagmire and then posting a review. The second reaview in my life...
I really loved your story. I was deeply dissapointed when i finished because it had a really open ending. That was until i found your website and that you planned a sequel and more. =)
I really like your characterisation. It is better than in most of the other storys i have read until today. More than just refreshing and your writing really captures me.
I really look forward to more of you.

I hope you can excuse my english but i'm really bad at it. At least i think i am.

Btw. I'm wrong or have you used the word "Quagmire" only once in the story?
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