Owen and Luke


The prompts for these drabbles were; target, hostage, hero, anger, denial and guilt.

I can’t believe that Jedi had the stomach to come here. Had I known why he came I’d thrown him out and the brat with him….


Beru’s already crazy about that kid. How can I have the heart to tell her that he’ll make us targets for the Empire?


Yet… He’s my nephew, after all… In everything but blood, Schmi truly was my mother.


He’s so sweet a child can be… Sleeping… Was sleeping when he came, is sleeping still…

So’s Beru - how I love her quiet breathing beside me…


If Anakin’s child’s the reason she gets hurt, then I’ll…



Look at him; toddling away on his thick little legs, laughing happily at the sun, his aunt, the dewbacks, nothing particular maybe.


How he can laugh, that child!


He’s captured me completely in his chubby little hands, in that sunny little smile and those skyblue, big eyes of his.


I remember how I once wanted to throw him out – return him to Obi-Wan…


Today I can’t remember what my life was before he came, and I know Beru feels the same way.

Today we’d gladly give our lives for him.


Maybe we will.


We’re hostages in our love for Luke.




He still believes his father was a hero. Despite all I’ve told him, he keeps holding on to that stupid dream


“Did my father like flying too? Did he make bubbles in his blue milk? Uncle, how did my father die?”


I’ll never be his hero; that will never happen. Anakin is still one step before me. He’ll always be the Most Loved one.


That hurts… Well, let it.


I’m a grown up man; I know I can’t have everything I wish. Not even what I wish most.


I have my Beru… my farm…


And Luke… a few years still…




I’m mad at that wizzard for doing this to us…


For beguilding us to love this child; give up safety and turning us to liers and cheaters.


Today, Luke was staring into the horizon and when I picked up my binoculars I saw him too. He disappeared when I did…


Luke knew he was there. So it’s true what we suspected - what I feared! He has that uncanny ability too. It wasn’t as spooky as I’d have thought, though. I just saw he knew… Pretty innocent really…


But what can it turn to, yet?


Damned that wizzard and his tricks! 




He could stay here, with us. Maybe he’ll one day find himself a sweet girl - like I found Beru - bring her here to live with us, and we can all be together, one, big, happy family.


Beru says to me that I’m dreaming, that Luke is too much like his father, and I say to her that what does she know, she only met him once. She reminds me then that she spoke to the lady and that she had the same fire burning inside her.


But I tell her that we don’t even know if she was Luke’s mother.




We should tell him the truth Beru says, but I say no, we have to protect him from exactly that. She says he’s entitled to know, and I ask her what’s there to tell, we hardly know anything ourselves. Then she says we should ask Kenobi and I tell her that the man is crazy, we can’t trust what he tells us.


But when the darkness comes and Beru’s asleep beside me, then the doubt comes.


What if I’m wrong and they’re right?


Maybe Luke one day will understand that all I lied to him, I lied out of love…


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