Luke without Mara




Silence, streched out to days, weeks. Every minute a torment.

Yet, life goes on. Has to.


Wherever he looks in Endor’s bright green forests, he sees her eyes; laughing, thoughtful, teasing, ablaze, cold of hatred, dazed with passion… now it all is only a memory.

All that life, that energy, brought to non-existence.

And it ripps his heart apart.


Luke rubbs a wary hand over his chin, distantly realizing he should shave again. Even a refugee Jedi Grand Master should hold on to discipline.


The galaxy is looking to him for salvation and he but chases ghosts in the foliage.





He tries to meditate; window shut to the forest outside, the persistant, humming from the infopanel the only sound in the room. It shouldn’t sound like that. It must be damaged somehow.


A rustling movement; Ben at the door.


“I can’t meditate, dad, I’m sorry. I simply can’t concentrate.”


Of course he can’t meditate. How could he? I can’t either.


“Any advice, dad?”


He opens his mouth to answer but has none to offer. His lips move but no sound comes out and for a second he wonders if his mouth had a knowledge his mind never was aware of. 






His son comes to him for advice; after all they’ve been through he should be pleased, happy…


But how can he be of any help, to anyone?  He is just a broken man, hands helpless in his lap.






Rising, Luke walks to the infopanel and crouches beside it.


“What are you doing, dad?” 


Slowly, Luke sits down on the floor, then begins to take the frontplate off. In moments, the infopanel is taken to pieces before him.




“What, dad?” Ben looks completely bewildered now.


“The processor is damaged. See? It’s loose. Come, I’ll show you how to fix it.”

For the next hours, the galaxy functions smoothly again.


The small nexu broke into run and the little girl squeeled with delight, trotting after the feline as best she could. The more agile predator stayed in lead easily but every now and then it turned its head to ensure its little playmate was keeping up. And there was indeed nothing to stop the girl; she run, she leapt, she climbed the terrain, doggedly following her furry friend wherever it went. Once in a while she fell, but was up again in seconds. The scrapes on her knees and elbows told their own langage of her tenacity and determination.




Leaning against the trunk of tree, a smiled playing on his face, Luke relished in the sight. He chewed absentmindedly on a straw of grass, playing the other end of the straw between his fingers.


“You look happy, dad.” Ben appeared from behind and positioned himself against the tree, mirroring Luke’s. “Old memories coming back?”


Luke smiled. “Your mother always accused me of being pathetic when I tried to be subtle. I’m afraid you’ve inherited that trait.”


Ben rolled his eyes. “I just meant that you two came to Garqi quite a few times. Surely it’s nice to be back?”




“It is,” Luke admtted. “But to tell the truth, that’s not what enthrals me right now – it’s simply to watch your youngest.”


Ben followed his eyes. “She’s grown fond of that nexu – and it of her. Allana certainly found the best gift to her grand cousin.”


“Well, she and Anji were inseparable all those years. But it’s not even that…” He broke off… letting words linguer.


Ben smiled watching his daughter proudly. “Red hair, lean as a Lorric willow, headstrong and spirited, fiercely independent… I see what you’re getting at.”


Luke nodded softly. “She’s the spitting image of her grandmother.”

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