Luke and Mara
- a couple


Into the Family

Leia shakes her head.

Her brother and Mara Jade.


Mara, who used to assassinate people, who never smiles, who ‘s never soft, and Luke, who’s all earnestness and goodwill.


They stand together, Luke smiles happily and Leia remembers what happened last time.


“Can I braid your hair?” Jaina, 9 years old, asks with wide eyed seriosity.


Bewildered, Mara looks at Luke, who nodds encouragingly.


And so Mara sits down and Jaina plaits her hair.

The result is horrible but Mara gazes in the mirror and smiles and assures Jaina she loves it.


Leia shakes her head again.

But now she smiles.





“Do you love me?”


She doesn’t turn her head but speaks to her datapad. “You know I do.”




“You certainly should.”


“Yeah,” he grumbles, “I know. But, hey, it could be nice to hear it sometimes else except when waking up from a healing trance.”


“Considering the amount of healing trances you wake up from, it still makes an impressive record,” she retorts. “If I say it too often you’ll just get delusions of grandeur.”


Now looking at him, she tries to remain deadpanned but her eyes betray her; speaking clearly - and that's answer enough for him.




He reaches out for her in the night and takes her hand.


Of course she wakes up every time - assassins sleep lightly.


Not that she doesn't enjoy it - she does.

To an extent that she fears she'll get addicted.


Over the years she will ponder on the matter again and again, but still won't know what to make of it.


As time goes by, though, she no longer wakes up when his hands closes on hers.

She just smiles in her sleep.




If you would - just once, mind you -...!!!"


“Keep your voice down, or you’ll wake Ben.”


“We really need to discuss this now!”


“You’re not discussing, you’re shouting!”


“Don’t try to gain the moral high ground here, Mara!”


“Don’t you even begin shaking that finger at me, Skywalker!”


Ben stirs in his sleep, opens his eyes for a moment, realizing dimly that his parents are arguing. That’s ok, it has happened before and as long as the galaxy’s still standing he sees no real problem.


He sleeps on, safe in his knowledge that tomorrow the storm will be over again.



Saving her galaxy

Mara, 55, stands in underwear, socks and morning hair before the mirror, making ugly faces at her own reflexion. Baggy eyes, wrinkles, breasts sagging in the bra, a body kept in shape only through workout… She isn’t young anymore.


But in Luke’s eyes she’s as beautiful as ever.


Somedays she certainly doesn’t feel that way, though.

Today’s such a day. Oh, yes, he can tell.


“Hello gorgeous,” he smirks as he passes and pinches her butt.


She twists her lips up and makes a sour face after him.

But she knows he means it, and her day is already half-saved.



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