Luke and Biggs


The start of a friendship
He’s in trouble again, that little, sandyhaired kid from Jundland’s outskirts. He’s stubborn and mouthy, but far too small to be able to stand against the older boys, tries as he does, again and again. So he ends up getting licked, everytime.

"Quit it, will you!?! He lies down already!"

"Shut up, smartass!"

However, they bash off, leaving him in the dust. I help him up and to clean.

He’s embarrassed, hardly looks at me. "You’re Biggs, aren’t you? Darklighter?"

"That’s me. And you’re... Luke? Right?"

A little smile. He didn’t think I’d know his name. "That’s me. Uhm, Biggs?"




"Can you fix it, Biggs?" Keen eyes look up on me and I have to shrug.
"The Gyro-stabilizer's broken, Luke. I dunno. Maybe. If we could get spare parts." I wish he wouldn't trust me so much. All that faith... I don't deserve it.
But he already looks excited. "I think we have an armature in our barrell. If we can get a rotator too, we can build a new one."
"Then it wouldn't be so new, now would it, Wormie?" Fixer's raw laughter booms from the station building and Deak and Windy and Camie chime in. They always do. 
But this time, we're lucky. With shared efforts we get the stabilizer fixed - and at the end of the day, we sit on the roof of his home, watching the starry night sky. Luke babbles about his dreams and I silently hone my plans. I know they will take me away from here, one day.  
But what about Luke? He's my loyal sidekick, and I love him like a brother, but does he have what it takes?
Most people around here don't see more than a fantasist but I hope they're wrong. I think they're wrong. Most days I do.
But there are times, when the mocking laughter cuts through my god spirits, through our friendship, though my knowledge that Luke is dedicated, steadfast and very resourceful. Those days, I see the misfit, the scruffy dreamer who stumbles around in the periphery - never allowed quite in, never able to force his own way; always too young, too mouthy and definitely too odd.
And always, my own weakness gets to me. I know I should be grander, I know the problem isn't in Luke but in the narrow minds of people around here.
On Tatooine, there's no absolution if you're different.


“C’mon Luke,” Tank pleaded. “You can’t be serious!”

“I am,” Luke insisted. “I’ll have to sweep the floor and clean all droids before I go anywhere. Uncle’s orders.” Biggs reflected that he might look committed to the job, but that looks were decieving.

But that will take you all day!” Tank argued.

“Well, too bad,” Luke growled, jaw set in a stubborn angle. “But there’s nothing I can do except go on with it.”


“You could at least try to talk to him!”


“I won’t. You two go off and have fun. I’ll join you when my chores are done.”




“He’ll never make it, Tank fumed as they drove off. “Damned Wormie. We could have used him, you know. To let us down like that!”

“It’s not his fault that his uncle uses him as labour,” Biggs pointed out. “The last thing he needs it us scolding him for it too.”

“He could at least fight back,” Tank muttered.


Biggs didn’t reply. He knew what Tank was thinking. But he didn’t agree. Luke wasn’t subdued by his uncle but by his own kind heart and sense of duty. And neither was a bad thing. But tell Tank that. He was only mad they’d kill less womp rats now.



It was getting dark, but Biggs still made a sweep by the Lars’ farm before going home.

Luke, sitting on the roof of the cupola, waved and Biggs hurried to join him. Together, they watched the stars come out, one by one. From the house, they could hear aunt Beru sing quietly;  “…as stars smile down and south winds sigh…”

“So,” Luke murmured finally. “Did you shoot many womp rats?”

“Enough,” Biggs replied. “Left some for you, though. The small ones.”

Luke smiled. “Those you couldn’t hit.”

“Yeah. Those.”

All the stars were up now. And they were all smiling.



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