Ever since Star Wars first rolled over the movie screens in 1977, the galaxy far, far away has continuously expanded. Here, I've tried to mention the most important events in the lifes of the two characters I follow: Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.

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  • 32 BBY - Anakin Skywalker meets Padmé Amidala´
  • 22 BBY - Anakin Skywalker marries Padmé Amidala
  • 19 BBY - Luke & Leia Skywalker are born, Anakin falls to the Dark Side, the Empire is announced.
  • 17 ABY - Mara Jade is born and is some years after taken to the Emperor to be trained as his special agent - The Emperor's Hand
  • 0 ABY - Luke Skywalker learns about the Force, leaves Tatooine and joins the Rebellion. The Death Star is destroyed at the Battle of Yavin.
  • 3 ABY - Luke encounters Yoda and learns about his father's identity
  • 4 ABY - Mara Jade tries to kill Luke in Jabba's Palace but fails. The Battle of Endor. The second Death Star is destroyed, Emperor Palpatine dies and Anakin Skywalker is turned back to the Light before he dies. The Ssi-ruuk threaten the galaxy but are defeated at Bakura. The New Republic (NR) is established.
  • 5 ABY - Lord Shadowspawn threatens the galaxy but is defeated at Mindor
  • 8 ABY - Han & Leia marry. Mara meets Talon Karrde and joins his smuggler's organization
  • 9 ABY - Grand Admiral Thrawn unites the Imperial Forces but is defeated. Luke meets Mara Jade. Jacen and Jaina Solo are born.
  • 10 ABY - Emperor Palpatine's clone return. Luke joins the Dark Side in order to fight him from within and is saved by Leia. Anakin Solo is born.
  • 11 ABY - Luke establishes the Jedi Achademy on Yavin IV. Leia becomes Chief of State in the NR.
  • 12 ABY - Luke encounters Callista.
  • 16-17 ABY - The Yevetha threaten the galaxy but are fought back.
  • 17 ABY - Dark Jedi Kueller attacks the New Republic with his forces.
  • 18 ABY - The Corellian Chrisis.
  • 19 ABY - The NR is shook by several incidents. The NR and the Imperial Remnant sign a peace treaty. Luke & Mara become a couple and marry on Coruscant.
  • 25 ABY - The galaxy is attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong. Some time before that, Mara becomes ill by micro-organisms they have released.
  • 26,5 ABY - Ben Skywalker is born. Mara is cured.
  • 27 ABY - Anakin Solo is killed.
  • 28 ABY - The Gallactic Allience is established.
  • 29 ABY - The Yuuzhan Vong are defeated.
  • 35-36 ABY - The Dark Nest Crisis and the Swarm War.
  • 36 ABY - Allana Solo is born, daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Jo.
  • 40 ABY - The Second Galactic Civil War. Jacen Solo turns to the dark side. Mara is killed.
  • 41,5 ABY - Jacen Solo is killed
  • 43,5 - Luke goes into exile, accompagnied by his son Ben.

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