Author’s Note: Blame this fic on Sherry; she challenged me to write a ficlet with bad sex and a breaking condom. Preferably also containing angst for an unwanted child and a freaked out Mara. Well, I’ve done my best and I hope it’s bad enough.

Setting: 17 ABY, Tycho Celchu’s bachelor party somewhere in a bunker/house on a planet near Coruscant.

Genre: angst, humor, distorted in general…

Characters: Luke, Mara, Mirax, a few Rougues + hangarounds, a medic.

Rating: Definitely R

Disclaimer: Poor George. If he’d know what I’m doing to his universe he’d sue me for sure; but it all belongs to him anyway and all I get from writing this is a bad reputation.

Not Their Finest Hour  

Part 1
“Come on, Mar! No one will mind. They’ll love it! Honestly!”
Mara drummed her fingers on her crossed arms and stared suspiciously at the door before her. It wasn’t really that her warning sense was actually tingling. She just had this feeling…
Mirax eyed her searchingly. “You really are scared, aren’t you?” she exclaimed, sounding surprised.
Mara’s eyes narrowed. She knew Mirax. The arbitrary bitch wasn’t the least surprised. She was just trying to manipulate her and this in the most obvious and transparent manner. Mirax simply wanted access to the party going on behind that door and she had decided that dragging Mara along was the best way to get what she wanted.
Mara was a bit drunk. Mirax had been smart to make sure of that before she launched her idea. But nobody manipulated  Mara Jade! In truth, Mara should refuse to come along just to teach Mirax-former-Terrick-now-Horn that lesson!
The problem was that Mara should have refused to come along an hour ago when Mirax first launched the idea.
The problem was that no one called Mara Jade scared either - and remained unproven wrong. For a foe to call her scared was to beg for a broken arm or worse. For a friend - well, Mara didn’t know yet. She had so few friends, but Mirax was - despite being a bitch - undoubtedly a good candidate to be a friend. And who wasn’t a bitch? Mara’s frown deepened.
Behind that door is Tycho Celchu’s stag party.
Inside was a bunch of old Rogues; pilots, brothers-in-arms from the time of the Rebellion, many of them now responsible husbands and fathers like Mirax's own Corran. Yet many of the old X-wing pilots were still bachelors and by this time of the evening they were, maybe secretly yet undeniably, longing for female company; hence the need for Mara’s presence. In contrast, Mirax’s presence as married - and particularly married to one of the guys present -wasn’t at all desired. But with Mara as a prize, the situation might be different.
Do I really want to be a part of that party? Mara tried to ask herself that question very carefully.  

Many people she knew were there: Tycho Celchu, Corran Horn, Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, that other sandy blond guy – his name long since forgotten, Gavin Darklighter, that noisy fellow: Jansen, Luke…
There were supposed to be a few girls too, since there naturally had been girls flying in the Squadron, as well. This fact had made Mirax worried.
Rogue Squadron parties were by invitation only. Only few were allowed in - only old comrades in arms and not even all of them.
They were also supposed to be a wet sort of business. Mirax had told stories of Corran's severe hangovers…
And Luke - Skywalker - had come all the way from Yavin…
Well, why postpone it any more? Mara took a deep breath, stepped up to the door and pushed determinedly on the door comm .
They didn’t have to wait as long as they had feared. Shortly after comming, the door was opened and two men, one dark-haired, one with red hair, filled the passage. Mara knew neither of them but put on her sweetest smile. “Hello guys!”
She put a bit of a Force nudge behind her smile as well. It did the trick with the brown-haired partier she first had made eye contact with and he stared at her, mouth open.
Mara felt rather than saw Mirax at her side put on her best face too. And Mirax had a special talent of softening people, particularly men. Mara was just about to walk confidently in as the red-haired guy frowned. “Hey, now I know who you are! You’re Corran's wife! You can’t come in!”
Mirax's eyebrows shot to the sky like a launching X-wing. “Says who?”
The man shrugged. “That’s the rules. I didn’t make them but I follow them. All for the common good. Nothing personal, sweetheart!”
Mara held on to her smile, making it some shades naughtier. “It’s ok, guys. She’s with me. She’s just here to make sure I don’t get too untidy.”
The dark-haired man stepped aside, eyes shining, and fixed on Mara. “It’s ok. You can come in.” He nodded to Mirax. “You can’t. Sorry. No wives.”
Mara shook her head. “Both of us - or none! Sorry, guys!”
The two men looked at each other and started to argue. After a minute Mirax leaned in to Mara and whispered, “Can’t you just knock them down?”
“And get kicked out from the party within two minutes?” Mara murmured back. “Bad idea! But I have a better one.”
She made her best effort to clear her head. It didn’t succeed completely but that wasn’t necessary either. Though neither of the men was particularly weak-minded, the amount of alcohol they had consumed made them susceptible to her next move.
Mara reached out with the Force. “You don’t have to argue, boys,” she told them in a soft voice, waving her hand slightly.
The two men stopped their quarrel and looked at each other. “We don’t have to argue,” the dark-haired said.
“Both us girls can come in,” Mara continued.
“Both you girls can come in,” the redhead repeated, looking as if the idea had just struck him.
“You’re so glad we wanted to come and play with you here tonight.”
“We’re so glad you wanted to come and play with us here tonight” the men assured her in unison.
“That was kriffin’ brilliant,” Mirax whispered as they padded through the entry. “I really should learn some Force-tricks too! I could make a fortune!”
Mara didn’t answer. She prayed silently that the word wouldn’t slip out. Considering how often she had preached about making unnecessary use of the Force, Skywalker would be unbearable.
As they began to make their way into the building, Mara suddenly realized that the two men from the door were following them. She turned around and frowned, but the buddies obviously were too sloshed to understand the dismissal of her body language.
“It really is time to introduce ourselves to each other,” the dark man exclaimed with an amiable smile. “I’m Kenn Nitram and this is my friend Pash.”
The redhead bowed. “Pash Cracken at your service, ladies,” he announced with an oily smile. Obviously he’d forgotten everything about his reluctance to let them in.
While Mirax smiled and beamed, Mara stamped her foot impatiently. She wanted to see more of the party, not be held back by these weak-minded bores.
The Pash-guy leaned down for a full inspection of Mara's assets. She grimaced something that she hoped resembled, at least remotely, a smile. She really couldn’t allow herself much else as she still was here at the mercy of these two clowns. Later, when the matter had been resolved and more people had become convinced that her being here was a good idea, she wouldn’t have to pretend any more.
”I really must have a closer look at your eyes,” the Pash-guy insisted. “They are such an unusual shade of green.”
Mara opened her eyes and batted her lashes a few times. Redtop leaned in to gaze deep into her eyes and shook his head in what obviously should be admiration. “It’s amazing,” he conceded. “You and I both are red-haired and green-eyed.”
Mara had to bite her lip not to laugh out loud. Conceited jerk!
But it seemed that her pretty behaviour paid off. Pash and Kenn each scooped a lady by the arm and led the way further into the house.
The main hall was deserted except for a couple embroiled in a passionate kiss. Instead, the party seemed to have moved into the countless small rooms the house was apparently divided into. Before they knew, Mara stood eye to eye with Corran Horn. It took him quite a few seconds to believe what he was seeing and when he finally did, he had also spotted his wife who stood in Kenn Nitram’s firm grip. Corran swayed a couple of times and then focused on his comrade-in-arms.
“Hands off!” he commanded in a threateningly low voice. “My wife!”
Mirax rolled her eyes and sighed an exasperated “Hon’!?!!”, but Kenn loosened his grip quicker than a gungan snatches a slug-beetle. “Uhh, I was just, er…”
For a few seconds Mara toyed with the idea of just going ahead and kissing Corran to see if that would sooth him, but she quickly dismissed it; Mirax's hubby = Mirax's problem. Besides, this whole thing was Mirax's idea, so let her solve her own problems.
Mara turned on her heels to slip out of the room – and that was when she saw him.
He was seated on a sofa, a beer in one hand, cards in the other and a girl on each side of him. A cigarra dangled from the corner of his mouth. The girls weren’t exactly molding to him, Mara noticed, but it was pretty obvious that they wanted to. Luke himself looked completely absorbed in the card game.
However, he too frowned and looked up when Corran’s voice suddenly rose over the average noise. “…you just DON’T GET IT!!!!”
Luke craned his neck towards the Horn family argument – just like everybody else in the room - and rose, apparently uncertain if he should intervene. But when he recognized Mirax his face cracked in a grin and his cheerful Rim accent carried over their heated voices. “Hi, Mirax! Good to see you! When did you come?”
Mirax broke off from the argument to smile sweetly and give him a wave. “Just five minutes ago. Good to see you too, Lukie!” Then she turned back to her husband with quite another face and a raised finger.
Luke chuckled and shook his head, exchanging glances and smiles with the surrounding guys. Some of them were commenting how stupid it was to give his own wife access to a party like this while others clearly held the opinion that Corran should have seen this coming when he married Mirax. Suddenly Luke’s eye caught Mara and widened in surprise. “Hey!”
He took a step forward and knocked hard against the table. The girls jumped up and started to mill around him. His playmates complained of him ruining the game and spilling their drinks but Luke waved them all off, excused himself hurriedly and started to make his way towards Mara, who stood rigid, as though struck by the lightening. The smile he’d flashed her when he had recognized her had set her heart hammering oddly against her ribs.
For an moment she became aware of just how much liquor Mirax had poured into her to make her come this far, but then Luke was by her side and all other matters magically disappeared from her mind.
“Hi, Mara,” he reeled off. “Uh, I didn’t expect to see you here.”
“No?” Somehow she seemed to have gotten tongue-tied.
Mara took hold of herself. “I…er… I came with Mirax.” She glanced over her shoulder at Corran and Mirax who were still quarrelling like gundarks. “Only, she’s a bit occupied right now…”
Luke followed her glance and tilted his head. “They’ll be kissing within a quarter,” he dismissed lightly. “But I think you can forget all about her company for tonight. Uh…Did you just arrive?”
Mara nodded.
“Has anybody shown you around?” Luke inquired gingerly and Mara pricked up her ears. Did he seem interested in doing that job himself?
“Not yet...” She tried to sound unconcerned, but feared seriously that he would be able to hear the heart pounding in her chest.
“Hey, Skywalker! I was going to show this lady around!” The red-haired Cracken-guy had suddenly become aware that Mara didn’t follow the Horn-quarrel and that somebody else was trying to pick up his chosen lady. Now he stepped forward, trying to place himself between Luke and Mara.
Mara expected Luke to back down, if for no other reason than to keep up his usual facade of I’d-never-chase-a-girl, but to her great surprise he didn’t. On the contrary, he lifted his chin a bit and stuck the cigarra back between his teeth, setting his shoulders. “Think again, Pash,” he bit out. “Besides you’ve already got one red head – you don’t need another one.”
This caused a few bystanders to turn around. Mara shifted uncomfortably. She wasn’t keen on their curious glances right now. Somehow this all seemed too…private. “Boys…” she began, but broke off. This was Luke’s call.
The two game-cocks strutted for a few moments, not really mincing around, but more taking each other's measure. Pash seemed to puff himself up, while Luke just stood rooted to the floor; his cigarra high and a strange, merry glint in his eyes. Within seconds, Pash was backing out. “Oh, never mind… Do you actually know her, Luke?”
“Sure, I do!” Luke switched in an instant to his good-natured self again. “Mara and I’ve known each other for years. But we’ve never met…er…like this before.”  Hie eyes shifted back to Mara and there was something in them that made a flood of warmth rush through her entire body.
Thoughts were racing through her mind as they left the room. She hadn’t imagined Luke would be so happy to see her, so spontaneous - or so cocky…
Hadn’t she? Who was she lying to? This was exactly what she had imagined! Maybe she had only imagined it in her wildest dreams but she sure had imagined it! And this wild dream had been her incentive to follow Mirax to this party – a secret hope to, for once, catch Luke with his defences down, to see the man when he was at ease, relaxed with his friends and not playing that reserved, saintly, blasted Jedi Master.  
Subconsciously, Mara had always known that they could meet like this; that Luke had secretly longed for this too; that this would bring something completely new into their relationship!
His hand on the small of her back, just a light touch to guide her in a corridor, made her thoughts flurry.
Easy now, Jade. Don’t let this run through your fingers! She turned her head toward him and wrinkled her nose. “When did you started smoking cababba tabac?”
Luke took a look at the cigarra in his hand as if he hadn’t realised it was there. “Today.” He gave her a disarming smile, blue eyes beaming.
Mara held on to her wry face, and he got it quickly. “Oops, sorry. If you don’t like it, I’ll put it out.” He dropped the cigarra to the floor and crushed it under his boot. “It’s pretty smelly, really,” he excused himself. “And it doesn’t taste that good either. I just wanted to try it. I’ve always thought it looked… well… really sophisticated.”
She couldn’t help grinning at his sheepish explanation. He was such a farmboy, but, what the Kessel – she didn’t mind that at all. Never had.
“It does,” she encouraged him. “But you look better without it.”
He frowned and blinked – his eyes full of wonder when they turned back to stare at her. Mara frowned and had to ask herself if she had ever said anything nice to him before. Probably not. There were far too many nice things she could say - how could she ever pick one? And she had better not start now either. Men became self-obsessed so quickly, and Farmboy or not, Skywalker was a man after all… She felt sensations rush to her abdomen. Uh oh! Wrong thought, Jade!
* * *
The next hour, Luke and Mara spent walking from room to room, chatting with those they met, commenting on what they saw, drinking beer and bickering with each other.
Despite their many quarrels in the past, Luke’s company seemed so wonderfully natural to her all of a sudden. He was also strangely pleasant and – funny! She had never realized he could be this funny. How could she have missed it?
She watched his quick, intense smiles. His face could change from extreme expressiveness to blank in an eye blink and those blue eyes could shine with such a warmth that she could feel it deep within her body. His hair seemed never really to stay in place and those large, sensual hands made her long for his touch...
Sensual hands? One of them was a prosthetic, for Sith's sake, but Mara knew now she would not care. She wanted those hands upon her anyway! She wanted his hands upon her, she wanted the two of them away from everybody’s eyes and company and she wanted to be some place where his body could be stripped and naked against hers, that alluring mouth crushed against hers. And his control finally yielding!!!! Yes! That was what she wanted! And she wanted it SO badly! She wanted him more than she had ever wanted any man before! A wave of heat swirled through her at the thought.
Mara’s eyes slid down from the Jedi’s face to his compact, strong jaw line and neck, to his muscular arms and chest and yet slender stature. There was so much power and grace in an appetizing mix, and she found her entire body aching to be closer to his. Her mouth had gone dry and she couldn’t help speculating on what it would be like to touch his soft, warm skin. Would he be slightly hairy under his clothing or would he be all smooth, warm skin? That pulsating blood-vessel at his throat... did it mirror other blood filled, pulsating places? She knew she was blushing and silently cursed herself. She was drunk, but not drunk enough to lose control like this. If Luke should realize what she was thinking of…
She met his eyes.
And understood with a dizzy feeling in her stomach that he did realize what she was thinking of. In fact, his glazed, darkened eyes betrayed that he was very much having mutual feelings.
A voice of reason somewhere inside her head screamed that she should talk with him first, that this was Luke, her friend through many years, and that if they changed their status they would be risking things far too valuable to lose. However, nothing in the galaxy could make her listen to that voice right now. Her abdomen was throbbing, her throat was tightening, her body felt like lead and she couldn’t take her eyes from his.
Not knowing how she had gotten there, she found herself sitting beside him, his one hand reaching for hers, the other tentatively touching her arm and starting a thrillingly slow journey towards her back.
They were all alone in the room.
She opened her mouth as if to answer, but sent her real answer through the Force as she carefully suggested for him to move closer to her. His eyes drifted closed as he slowly dipped his head to cover her mouth with his.
Ohhh, that kiss! Mara would remember it for as long as she lived.
It made her body swirl with long-suppressed and suddenly provoked feelings; a promise of fulfilment teasing just ahead. It started slowly with Luke’s lips softly caressing hers but soon turned passionate as tongues met and started their hungry play. Hands and bodies joined and very soon they were lying on the sofa, clothes in steadily increasing disarray as their mutual caresses became more intimate and insistent. Mara had lost the feeling of time and space and her head was spinning in joy and pleasure alongside her body…
And alongside her stomach.
Mara blinked. This last insight wasn’t pleasurable at all. Nor was it joyous, as she started to realize her body obviously had an agenda all its own…
Mara pulled away. “Luke?” she yelped. “I have to puke… I’m sorry, I really am.”
It took him some valuable seconds to understand what she was saying. His eyes widened in surprise before he saw the panic in her eyes and his chivalry kicked in its autopilot. “Of course! Yes, right…” He scrambled to his feet and started frantically to look for a bowl or a dustbin or similar container.
Mara already had covered her mouth, having to concentrate hard in order not to vomit on the couch. How on earth hadn’t she felt this coming?!?
“Come!” Luke grabbed her with both hands and dragged her to her feet. Mara doubled over and followed him blindly in a desperate effort to hold back.
“There you go! It’s ok.” Luke’s voice came to her from a distance but at least she registered him. She sank to her knees and grabbed the bin he offered. Not able to hold back any longer, she ducked and opened her mouth, allowing her revolting stomach to humiliate her in front of her chosen lover.
She emptied herself until there wasn’t any more. She didn’t dare to look at Luke; she didn’t dare to even think of the next moment when she would have to face him again.
“Here. Drink this.”
A glass floated in front of her face and she pushed it away. “No, nothing more to drink…”
“It’s water. Plain water.”
Mara hesitated a second. Her stomach didn’t need encouraging to revolt again, but perhaps a bit of water, just for her mouth?
She took the glass and sipped warily, rolling the water in her mouth. Most of it she spat out again, into the bin. “Sorry about that,” she mumbled, humiliated.
It took her a few more moments to realize Luke’s hand was still caressing the small of her back. He kissed her hair, that he had collected away from her face,and pulled her into his embrace again. “No problem,” he mumbled huskily. “Absolutely no problem.”
Mara lifted her face in surprise and as she met his blue gaze again she understood that nothing she’d done had changed his opinion of her, nor reduced his lust. How could that be???
As she still was digesting this unbelievable information he leaned in and kissed her lips again.
The kiss started as tentatively as the first one, but Mara quickly became aware that Luke was as hot as he’d been before. For a moment she managed to believe that she, too, could get herself worked up to the same level of arousal.
Her stomach, though, still had its own agenda. Unfortunately, it had aligned itself with much of the rest of her body that seemed to oppose the sensations Luke’s presence were producing.
“Mara!” He embraced her passionately.  

“Luke, I…”
He finally withdrew his lips from the delicate task of nibbling her collarbone and met her pleading eyes.  “Oh, Mara. Stars! I’m so sorry. I was thinking only of myself here!” He offered a repentant but mischievous smile. “You’re far too distracting, I’m afraid!” Then he frowned in concern. “Are you ok?”
“Almost…” Mara seriously tried to believe that herself.
“Can I get you something?”
“I could really use a caf,” Mara admitted. “Can you get one without too much fuss?”
“Sure,” Luke kissed her softly and got to his feet. “Don’t run anywhere, ok?”
Mara smiled weakly. “Not a chance.” Leaning back into the sofa she added a thought: “and if you could bring some condoms too, it could be nice.”
The smile Luke sent her over his shoulder was brighter that the twin suns of Tatooine.
Mara closed her eyes. Now, if she could only lie down for a minute without falling asleep, then surely everything would feel much better. There was no way she was letting this chance slip through her fingers… Lifting her feet up on the couch, she dozed away.
* * *
The smell of caf made her nose twitch and she opened her eyes.
Luke sat on the coach, her legs on his lap and made circles in the air with a thermo-cup. “Good morning!”
His greeting sounded a bit restrained and for a second Mara wondered why. Then she saw that another Rogue, that sandy-haired one, was sitting on the couch too.
“Uh.” She tried to sit up. Luke reached out with his hand but gave up as he almost poured the caf over her. His other hand was occupied by a glass of beer. “Is it morning?” Mara inquired in disbelief.
“Not at all. It’s just a way of speaking... Han’s way of speaking, actually... Whenever you wake up it’s morning, in one way at least...” Luke cleared his throat and gave his beer to his comrade.
“Ok, Hobbie,” he continued. “You can have the rest of my beer. And then, frankly, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave.” Handing over the glass, he turned his attention to Mara who had managed to wriggle up at least half-way into a seated position.
“Feeling better?” Luke put the caf in her hands.
Hobbie poured out a longer mumble about lack of appreciation, bad comrades and owing favours, then left without further complaints.
Mara sipped at the caf. It wasn’t exactly hot any more but she could feel it do her good. She must have taken quite a nap, despite her intentions. “Much better!”she told Luke, slightly exaggerating.
“Good,” Luke replied with a smile. His hands begun to massage her calves and feet. Mara hadn’t realized before now that he had pulled her boots off. A frisson of panic went through her – her socks must be smelling after all these hours! But as Luke’s hands slowly kneaded pleasant feelings back into her feet and legs, she dismissed those thoughts. It seemed that his sense of smell didn’t work when he was drunk. Or maybe it was because he was horny. Obviously, he still was both.
She was too, she realized. The tickling feeling spread from her legs to her abdomen. Mara sighed and leaned back into the cushions. Luke’s hand slowly began to work its way up her legs and when it reached her inner thigh, she let out a little moan.
“Oh, Mara,” he murmured. “I want you so much, you have no idea…”
“Then show me the idea,” Mara mumbled and pulled him softly onto her. Suddenly a thought struck her. “Did you get any condoms?” she demanded.
Luke gave her a knowing smile and pulled an entire package out of his pocket. Mara sighed with content. They started kissing again, mouth on mouth, body against body, oblivious to everything around them…

The door banged open and five drunken Rogues poured in, loudly babbling. The first one stopped short on the threshold when he saw the amorous couple on the couch, but was pushed in by those behind him. A couple of the newcomers were too drunk to notice much of anything but two others froze as well when they realized what they had interrupted.
“Heyy! Luke!!! You got the redhead!” one of them exclaimed enviously.
“Way to go, Luke!” the other encouraged.
Luke pulled back from Mara in annoyance and was just about to start barking when she stopped him.
“Can’t we go somewhere else? she muttered. “This room is far too heavily trafficked for my taste.”
“You said it!” Luke answered sourly. “Let’s go.”
Mara grabbed her boots and, ignoring the many suggestive comments, they made their way out of the room. They stopped in the corridor, uncertain of where to go next.
“Any idea of where we could catch a bed?” Mara inquired.
“Sure,” Luke beamed. “We can go to my room.”
“You have a room here? Great! Why didn’t you say so before?”
Luke blushed. “I thought you might not want to come with me if I suggested that straight out.”
Men! Mara rolled her eyes. Well, at least they would finally be able to get some privacy!
But when they arrived at Luke’s room she was in for another disappointment. It was a room all right, and it had a bed. That was all fine and dandy. What bothered Mara was the other three beds, all of them with some personal items on them that clearly showed they were occupied.
She stopped short. “No way!”
“What’s the matter?” Luke asked, looking almost surprised.
Mara glared at him. “Oh nothing,” she mocked, “Nothing at all, that is, if you’re going to sell tickets at the door! Then later, when the word has spread and everybody is inside and seated, you can join me in preforming the peep show.”
He didn’t get it at first. Just stared at her with that innocent, blank expression that always drove her crazy. Finally it dawned on him. “You mean the people in the other beds??? Hey, that’s not a problem!”
“Maybe it’s not a problem for you, Skywalker. Maybe this is how you used to do things in the Rebellion, but I’m not going to have sex in front of an audience! Period!” Mara failed to understand Luke’s lack of concern. She had always thought he was sort of shy. This evening sure tore her perceptions away!
“Mara! Listen!” Luke grabbed her shoulders and looked straight at her. At least he was trying. He was really too drunk to look straight, and his grin had an annoying, impish quality to it. It struck her that maybe he even needed to hold on to her shoulders in order not to sway.
“Listen,” Luke began again, and Mara noted he was slurring his words a bit as well. “Those beds won't be used. One belongs to Ghufran and he’s already fast asleep - remember the guy on the red sofa downstairs? And Avan is spending the night with Feylis.”
Mara gaped. She was too drunk herself to get the details but she got the bottom line that all the people who owned the items on the beds would be gone. “Are you sure?”
“Sure! They always are. They think nobody knows and we let them, of course. And Ghufran always falls asleep. Some years ago we still carried him to his bed but he’s too fat now, so nobody bothers. That leaves only Hobbie, and he already knows we’re up to something.”
“That won’t stop him from storming in in the middle of everything. “
“Listen…” Luke started to insist, but then changed his mind. “Ok. This way then.” He let go of her, marched straight to his friend’s bed and picked up his possessions. Then he walked to the door, threw the stuff outside and turned back, closing the door. “There you go. Hobbie won’t fail to understand that gesture.”
As an afterthought, Luke turned around and pulled a small table in front of the door, and stacked some chairs on it.
Mara sighed. “Ok, at least now we’ll hear when they come storming in.”
Not quite ready to be pleased just yet, she wrinkled her nose. “I still don’t like it. That Hobbie guy – he knows too much. Can’t you mind rub him?”
Mara rolled her eyes. “Forget it, Skywalker, it was a joke.”
An awkward silence grew between them.
Mara took a deep breath. “Ok. Maybe we should just drop this whole thing, then? I’m too dark for the Great Jedi Master to sleep with, so perhaps it would be just as well…”
“Don’t be stupid, Mara. That’s your thinking you’re expressing, not mine.”
Mara glared at him. She had still that prickling, lusty feeling in her body and her mind was racing hard as ever, but somehow the trust had cracked a little. Things weren’t working as they should. She didn’t really know how to proceed from here.
But this was Luke and he never gave up believing that things could turn out for the best if he just kept trying enough. He scooped Mara in his arms and claimed her mouth in another passionate kiss.
Mara finally let herself go and melted into the kiss, hungrily drinking in his presence. Her mind kept trying to roam but she pushed it aside and concentrated on the patently available sex instead.
Luke also seemed keen to get to the matter. He quickly gave up the kissing – a little too quickly, Mara thought - and pulled her with him to the bed, that gave away a moaning shriek when they both bumped down on it. He started nibbling her earlobe but instead of giving it all his attention, he chose to begin to free her of her clothes at the same time. After a few minutes fumbling Mara grew impatient and ripped her tunic off along with her trousers. Luke gave her a hand with the latter and somehow her panties followed in the same move, leaving only her bra.
“Oh, gods, Mara,” Luke breathed. “You are so beautiful!”
Mara rolled Luke on to his back and kissed him greedily but her hair fell between them and straggled into their mouths. A bit annoyed, Mara tried to pull it back in a knot, but Luke just spat it out and grinned.
”That’s the stupid thing with long hair”, she murmured apologetically.
”Hey,” he murmured back, ”I like it! I really do. You’ve the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen.”
He smoothed her hair away and let his hands move on to unclasp her bra. Mara leaned closer to give him access as his fingers fumbled on her back. She kissed him again, this time managing to keep her annoying hair out of the way. Luke continued to fidget behind her back as the bra caused him problems.
“Can you manage?” Mara worried, fighting her irritation back.
“I never learned this part,” he laughed a bit sheepishly. “I could use some help, actually”.
Mara reached behind her back but the bra was somehow stuck. “Blast it!” she murmured.
“Turn around.” Luke wriggled himself up from under her and went to work with both hands. It didn’t help.
”I can’t believe this…!” He had to turn on the light.
Finally the bra opened and her breasts were free. Luke seemed more relieved to have managed the task though, than stunned by her revealed beauty, Mara thought a bit tartly.
Now her stomach rumbled. It wasn’t audible but she could feel it all right. Mara steeled herself. She would not give in to another outburst.  She decided it would be best to get back on her back and rolled around pulling him with her.
Concentrating on his lips and body and on the need still inside her, Mara enjoyed it when Luke took the lead again. He pulled his tunic over his head, revealing an indecently well-formed chest, before starting to kiss his way down her body. He gave himself plenty of time this time, and Mara tried her best to push annoyance and discomfort away from her mind and instead concentrate on this wonderful man in whose bed she’d wished to be for so long. Finally Luke reached his destination. Slowly, he spread her legs and kissed her core. Mara leaned back with a sigh. That’s the way, Skywalker, just…
She jumped in pain as his jaw scratched her clit. “Ouch! Watch it, will you!”
Luke jerked back with a baffled look on his face. “What’s the matter?”
“When did you last shave?” Mara glared at him.
His eyes widened as it dawned on him! “Gee! Sorry, Mara! I’ll be more careful. I promise!”
As he bent down and continued his work, Mara found to her great annoyance, that she couldn’t relax any more. Luke worked hard for his part, but the more he gave, the worse she got.
It wasn’t exactly her body that was numb; neither was it her brain. It simply seemed like it was the connection in between that didn’t work except for brief periods. Mara decided it was time to switch places.
“My turn, I guess,”she stated, pulling back from her lover and sliding to the floor. She managed to give him a mischievous smile before she knelt before him.
“Mara?!” Luke mumbled entranced. ”Oh gods…!”
Mara was softly rubbing the bulge in his trousers, as she planted small kisses around the same. While doing this, she quietly fidgeted her socks off – she hadn’t realized they were still on and she knew there was nothing more un-sexy than someone who was naked except for the socks – and tossed them away. Then she could finally concentrate on the delicate task of divesting Luke of his trousers. The bulge he presented was impressive, she had to admit. And when the trousers were gone, she had to admit he was without doubt the biggest man she’d been with. She licked the tip of him where a small drop of fluid had gathered. Luke moaned and let his head fall backwards in bliss as Mara skilfully licked his length, finally taking him deep into her mouth and sucking greedily.
She was getting excited again. The position she was sitting in was better for her stomach and she could feel the throbbing in her abdomen.
However, after a couple of minutes Mara’s jaw started to hurt. After all, she really had to open her mouth very wide. A bit reluctantly she changed to plain licking, but Luke had a better idea. He pulled her up, grabbed her and threw her unceremoniously on the bed, jumping after her like a charging vornskr. “I’m going to make love to you until you beg me to stop,” he mumbled.
“Remember the condom!” Mara yelped and Luke stopped in the middle of a movement.
“Oh!” He grinned goofily. “Good thing one of us isn’t loosing her head here!”
He found the condoms and put one on, all while Mara was fighting back annoyance. Right now she’d be much happier if she could loose her head.
Finally Luke entered her and started to thrust. Her body was playing her tricks again, and Luke’s size didn’t feel nearly as blissful as she’d imagined. Or maybe it was - it was just her brain going numb. Or was it her body? Mara let her head fall back and noted that the room was spinning slightly. Was she really that drunk?
Luke managed to kiss her breasts without breaking his thrusts but she couldn’t feel much of it. It was mostly a registration her brain made. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked. The sounds he made weren’t exactly arousing, more the contrary. The whole situation really started to get to her, but she bit back a comment. She knew she had walked willingly into this, with open eyes and spread legs, and she was too proud to break off. Basically it was too late anyway, she reminded herself.
Luke groaned – did he really have to groan that loudly? Mara’s legs had started to ache from the unaccustomed position and Luke’s size felt more awkward than pleasant now. Suddenly he slipped out of her and Mara thought for a second he was finished but he just muttered something and pushed himself inside again.
Now the bed started to creak too. Mara grabbed one of the bed pillars and desperately tried to hold onto it as Luke drove harder and harder. The bed creaked more and more wildly and Mara bit her lip in impatience. Surely he was coming any minute now?
But minutes can feel very long and those last ones in their lovemaking seemed like ages for Mara. Her head was still spinning from too much liquor and her body was more or less numb but her mind had sobered up completely. By the time Luke’s grunting started to become frantic, Mara was already regretting bitterly that she’d given into her bodily need and her sentimentality for the Farmboy. She’d been drunk and he certainly was drunk still. When tomorrow came she was sure that he wouldn’t remember properly why they’d done it and Mara would have to start to rebuild her carefully constructed fences. It had taken them years to reach this degree of closeness and then they had had to blow it by giving in to the need to copulate while drunk.
Mara had been here before but never with anyone she knew as a friend - never with anyone that she considered was a friend or even an associate.
A sudden tingling between her shoulder blades interrupted her self-reproach. Danger sense? Now?
She was about to pull away but then realized that Luke was coming that very moment. He moaned, jerked, stiffened and his limbs twisted. Mara counted the seconds while throwing nervous glances at the door. Where was her blaster? What was happening? The moment she considered him spent she pulled away and started to burrow out from under him. Luke backed away, panting in surprise, then looked down and went completely still.
Mara glared nervously at him. “What is it?”
He was still looking down and swallowed audibly. Mara followed his gaze and saw the tip of his naked penis peek out from the broken condom.
“You blasted Son of a Sith!!!”
The words poured out from Mara as did her uncontrolled anger. Gone was the numbness in mind and body. She slammed her hands and legs into Luke’s chest and shoved him violently off the bed.
The next second she was up on her feet and Luke barely managed to roll away, preventing her from treading on him in her determination to get out. Mara ran straight to the arrangement by the door and started to throw chairs down in order to get out.
“What are you doing?” Luke wondered, getting to his feet.
“I’m getting out of here! And it can’t be too quickly.” Mara screamed, continuing her efforts.
“Hey, wait! Shouldn’t you get dressed at least?”
Mara stopped, a chair halfway in the air, then threw it against the wall, even more annoyed by Luke’s sudden display of common sense. Foaming with rage and disappointment she turned on her heels and started to grab her clothes off the floor.
“Look, Mara! I’m sorry!”
“Like Kessel that I care!” She grabbed her tunic and pulled it on, then realised she’d forgotten to put on her bra and just threw the latter in a dustbin. She stopped to glare at Luke. “Can’t you use your precious Force to stop your sperm or something!!!”
He blinked and looked at her in earnest. “Gee, Mara, do you have any idea of how many sperm you’re talking about? Besides, I don’t think they have a mind I can manipulate…”
Mara continued to pull her clothes on and muttered something about that them being as mindless as the body they came from.
Luke eyed her, pain in his face, but then he slowly seemed to pull himself together. He rose and started to move the chairs and table to open her way out.  “You understand, of course, that I take responsibility for what's happened.”
Mara stared at him and thought of how good it would feel to fire her blaster and shoot him right in the chest. She imagined him lying on the floor, head up the wall, the hole still smoking.
She pulled her boots on.
Then she started to reflect on his words and gave him a suspicious look. “What do you mean ‘take responsibility’? You'd marry me or what?”
Luke looked a bit unnerved. “Of course I would,” he maintained.
“You're out of your mind, Skywalker!”
“Am not!”
“Well, I wouldn't marry you. But I'd take the maintenance contribution if you'd offer me. And half the tending.”
“Half the…? Sure!”
For a second the man looked almost glad. He truly was strange! Or did he actually like children? But the faint brush of joy he radiated was washed away by a sudden wave of dark thoughts - severely dark thoughts. Mara didn’t catch the essence of them before he was already blocking, but she jerked away from the very feeling.
Luke also seemed completely changed. “I’ll comm you tomorrow,” he told her stiffly before he turned his back to her.
Mara nodded and swept out, her eyes already blurring with tears. She wiped them away angrily. She needed to see to find her way out of this blasted place!

...continues in part 2...

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