Setting: 9 ABY, a lounge area in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, right after TTT Characters: Wes, Wedge, L/M
Genre: Friendship

“Who’s that hottie over there, speaking to Luke?”
Wedge looked up from his beer, a sigh escaping him. Wes had arrived only minutes ago but was already busy looking for a good catch. As he followed his friend’s gaze, however, Wedge couldn’t help holding back a smile.
“Oh, her. She might be too big for even you to swallow, Wes. That’s the Emperor’s former Hand you see there. Her temper is as fiery as her hair, they say.”
An expectant glint lit in Wes’ eyes. “Not an issue,” he assured.
“Still…” Wedge pondered. “She has this thing with Luke… Well, it’s not a ‘thing’, of course, but… She had orders to kill him.”
That got Wes’ attention. “To kill him? But they seem to be getting alone just fine?”
“Yeah, well. She was supposed to - but she didn’t. And then he gave her his lightsaber. See? You can just spot it at her left hip.”
Wes craned his neck to get a better look. “His lightsaber?”
“Yeah, his old one. The one he got from his father.”
“I see,” Wes took in the information, pursing his lips. “All right, she’s forbidden territory, then.”
Wedge shrugged. “Well, I can’t exactly say she is. I mean, they’re only talking… and Luke said… But you know how he is.”
“Of course I do. Not a chance they’ll even kiss within the next ten years – unless she speeds him up, that is. But that doesn’t change it. She’s still earmarked.” Wes finished his beer with a deep sweep. “All right, you see that blonde by the sabacc table. She’s worth a closer look too. Wanna give me some backup?”
“Sure.” Wedge too finished his beer and the two men set course towards the sabacc players.  Brothers-in-arms they were.


© 2010 Kataja

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