Read this very carefully – I will say this only once:
Mara Jade is on mission for the Emperor on the backwater planet of Obkel 9. She runs into problems and has to flee from a casino into hiding. Now, Rebel Hero Luke Skywalker is also on a mission on Obkel 9. He runs into the stormtroopers that should have to help Mara, hence participating to her trouble, barely managing to get away himself. When this story starts, he is also searching for a place to hide.
By Coincidence, the Will of the Force, the Will of the Author or the Impatient Reader, Luke and Mara end up choosing the same door to hide behind. 

Genre: PWP
Notes: Not AU. Definitely not canon!
Timeframe: Within a year from the destruction of the Death Star.
Their First meeting…  


Mara stared at the woman behind the desk. Her hair was even redder than Mara’s own, her eyelids heavy and painted, hanging over wise, but calculating eyes. The woman’s dress and appearance left no doubt of her occupation. Her age showed that she was more caretaker than active, though.
The Emperor’s hand tried to get her breathing back to normal after her frantic run and checked the door she had just closed behind her. She could hear no pursuers, not yet anyway…
“Can you hide me?” Mara asked straight out.
The brothel Madame stripped her with her eyes. “Sure, luv. You’ve got a room if you take a customer. 2/3rds goes to the house.”
Mara bit her lip. Just her luck to run into a whorehouse! On the other hand…no one had seen her go in here. If she could stay some hours, maybe the night, then she could pretty much walk out of here tomorrow without anyone noticing. “How long do I have the room?”
“As long as you serve a customer, or stay put to do it, luv.”
“I’m afraid I’ll be recognized… my hair color…”
“Is not an issue in here…”
Mara glanced at the Madame’s screaming red mane. “I guess not… But my face…”
The brothel mother shrugged her shoulders lazily. She was used to fussing young people. Most worried over their morals or reputation, this one for her life… well, it didn’t concern her. “Then do it in the dark, luv. Do we have a deal?”
Mara thought fast. She could go on running, but here she had a perfect alibi. No one would believe she would stay and actually work in a place like this. She could knock the woman down and just take a room, but it would be, well, wrong.
After all, in her eighteen years she had already slept with quite a few men for quite many reasons, and love had never been one of them. If a customer turned out to be too much she could always take him out and leave. She only needed a couple of hours!
“Deal,” she conceded.
The woman pointed. “Room 31. There’s a ‘fresher in the room, so you don’t have to come out before you’re hungry, luv. I’ll send in the first customer who’s not afraid of the dark.”
As Mara closed the door to room thirty-one behind her, she wondered about the Madame’s strange sense of humour…
* * *
Luke stared at the woman. If that hair was natural he was a son of a Sith!
“Looking for fun, luv?”
Luke wet his lips. “Not really, but I need a place to stay a couple of hours…” He glanced nervously at the red, plush curtains, the ornamented furniture and the pictures on the walls that left no doubt of the services this house offered. A giant sculpture of a phallus embellished a corner. No girls in sight though, thank the Force.
“This’ the place, luv. But it’ll cost you same as anyone else. We ain’t helping anyone just ‘cause his beautiful blue eyes here.”
“Right…”  He did have credits, but…
“Like dark, luv?”
“Would you like it to be dark when you do it? Or you want lights on?”
“Dark…” Absolutely dark! Oh gods, what was he getting into…?
“Thought that much, luv. Room 31 if you please.”
* * *
Mara thought her heart would stop when the door opened behind her only to close quickly again. She had been standing at the window, staring out on the city, and hadn’t seen him enter. “Amateur!” she blamed herself. “Now see what you’ve gotten yourself into!”  She wasn’t going to do this, was she? She had agreed… And she didn’t run from agreements any more than she spread her legs for money… Her hand squeezed around the blaster. The trigger was almost screaming for her finger. That bastard thought he could buy himself a woman, but he didn’t know who he’d bought….
She could feel the presence of another person behind her, but she couldn’t hear anything. He just stood there.
Why didn’t he move? Didn’t even say anything?
She forced her finger away from the trigger and moved sideways towards the bed so he couldn’t see her silhouette anymore. She slipped the blaster down on a small shelf on the bedside table. He wouldn’t be able to see it in the dark, but she would know exactly where it was. On the other hand, when had she ever needed a blaster to kill someone?
He was still just standing by the door, barely visible. Was he shy? Oh, he must be - reaching out with the Force she could almost touch his panic and desperate efforts to collect himself.
Mara took a deep breath. “Are you going to stand there the whole evening?”
Now it was his turn to jump. She could hear him draw his breath quickly. “I’m sorry, I…”
She sat down at the bed. Ok, he sounded like a young man and he seemed to be worse off than her, she had to admit. It occurred to her that if he was that nervous he might be happy with just talking to her. After all many men came to prostitutes just to talk, and get a bit of contact, she knew that. Perhaps he was just a man too ugly or stupid to get a girlfriend? At least she could try to talk him down. Her usual calm returned.
“Well, you don’t pay for being sorry,” she stated, already with a tiny flicker of amusement. “And you might find it pretty lonely by the door, cause I’m sitting here by the bed.”
“Yes, I can see that, now…” he murmured, and Mara realized he probably hadn’t seen a thing when he’d come in straight from the light. Perhaps he hadn’t even seen her. No wonder he was nervous.
He cleared his voice. “I think, perhaps, I’m in the wrong place…”
“You wanted someone else?” She raised her eyebrows in the dark.
“No, I…I didn’t want, anybody really… I just… oh, never mind…” He sighed in resignation.
”What did you pay for then?”
He swallowed hard. “Actually, I haven’t paid…not yet.”
Luke had to pull himself by the neck. He wanted to scream and run out from this place, from this woman who he didn’t know and from this embarrassment that threatened to engulf him every second. But he was here now, and at least he had to behave nicely towards this girl. He had to pay for her services, even if he wasn’t going to actually partake of them. He should also have to try to find some excuse that would make sense to her for why he wasn’t. Otherwise, she might start to wonder what he was doing here. Or should he take use of some kind of smaller service, just in order not to make her suspicious? Luke’s franticly running brain stopped short at that thought. He just kept on telling himself; at least talk to her, at least talk to her… Aloud he said, “How much do I owe you?”
Mara hesitated. She had no idea of prices on this backwater planet. What if she said something way out and he got suspicious? “What do you want?” she retorted automatically.
Luke went completely blank. “The same as anyone else,” he replied dumbly.
“The usual?” Mara frowned.
“The… usual, yeah…”  Now he’d said it! Oh gods!!! Someone help!? Ben!? Oh, no not Ben! Not Ben now! Luke pushed the thought back with all his might and somehow that actually calmed him. After all, there was a situation worse than this and that would be everybody knowing he was in this situation.
But nobody knew. He was all by himself, and it was only this woman who knew, and after all she must have seen jerks like him a thousand times.
Luke tried to get a sense of what she was feeling. He got an impression she was very young. There was a sharp edge in her voice but nothing threatening, at least not towards him. There was a scent of alarm around her that made him resolve he really had to calm down a bit.
“How much do I owe you?” he asked.  According to Han, people always calmed down when business terms were settled. And he was the one paying her for sex, not the other way around. No one was forcing him into anything. He just had to make a faintly believable figure. Not that he wanted to think about how, but…
Mara thought quickly. She knew the Core and inner Rim fees, both fashionable and street level, but out here …They didn’t even accept credits! “550 trokes” she stated quickly.
“Right...” He started to search his pockets. He had to walk to the window to get some light to see the value, but handed it to her without grumble.
She took the money and poured it into a drawer without thinking.
“Aren’t you going to count?” he gaped.
Mara could have slapped herself. “I trust you,” she retorted quickly. “You seem like a nice guy.”
He felt more unnerved by her reply that comforted. Probably he could hear how false it was. She wasn’t doing well in this role; she had to get a grip. Determined she patted the bed. “You’re welcome to sit here…”
She could actually feel his hesitation, but he obeyed. He sat down, still keeping a distance though.
Mara started to realize she didn’t feel bad about this guy. Perhaps he wasn’t handsome, but in this darkness she didn’t have to mind. He seemed young, innocent even. Perhaps he wasn’t used to this at all? Perhaps he’d even been dared by friend to come here?
“You’re not quite comfortable with this, are you?” It was more a statement she made, than a question.
He almost sighed. “No.”
“Is it your first time?”
It was a relief to be able to reveal it. “Yeah.”
“My, my…” Her voice was soft now. “Did you even choose to do this yourself, or were you pushed into it?”
Luke faltered. “I guess I was more or less pushed into it,” he murmured, thinking to himself that it wasn’t a lie…
Without really knowing why she did it, Mara reached out and touched his hair, brushing it slightly away from his temple.
“And yet, here we are,” she murmured. “What do you think we should make of it?”
A strange calmness fell upon them both. Hearts were still beating hard, nerves were still on the edge but yet, they felt this silence, the knowledge of something inevitable. Whatever happened after this, they both knew that things weren’t just happening anymore. They were choosing themselves now.
Mara had an idea. “Give me your hand,” she invited.
“We’ve just met,” she explained. “ Then it’s a good custom to shake hands.”
“Oh! Yeah…” Luke grabbed her hand and shook it almost keenly.
She noted that his handshake was good and firm. He tried to pull his hand back but she grabbed it softly with her other hand too and turned it around. His palm was slightly wet, no wonder, she thought, as nervous as he’d been. His hands felt rough - a workers hands. Tracing the lines of them with her fingers, she noted he was affected. His Force presence almost started to tingle when her fingers continued their playful trail a little up his inner arm and back again. She couldn’t help smiling. He was almost cute in a way.  “You’re used to hard work, aren’t you?”
”Yeah, I…”, Luke blushed. He realized his hands must appear hard and primitive against her hands that were so soft. “They’re not as soft as yours,” he mumbled.
Mara gave a short laugh. “But my hands aren’t that soft either. Feel for yourself. I have many hard spots. Here.” She showed his hand the way where her finger had hardened against a trigger and immediately regretted it. What was she thinking, giving herself away like this???
But he seemed comforted. “Oh, there, yes. But it’s different for you. It’s not the whole hand that’s rough, only a few spots. Most of it is soft and …” he searched for the word as he moved her fingers between his. “…delicate” he finally settled for. “You’ve never worked on a farm, I’m sure.” He laughed a bit sheepishly.
“And are there any girls on that farm of yours?” Mara inquired. It wasn’t hard talking with him at all, she reflected.
“No, no girls. Only my aunt.” He looked away and down. Their fingers were still playing. Mara felt a familiar, throbbing weight gather in her stomach. She enjoyed the feeling and the way it made her whole body heavy. It had been a long time since she had been aroused by a man.
“So who taught you to kiss then?” she teased.
“No one…” he gave her a shy look again. “I’ve never…”
“Not even…” Mara lost her speech for a moment. “So this isn’t just your first time at a brothel, it’s your first time entirely?!!!”
He nodded. She could just see it in the darkness. He was looking away, but couldn’t help glancing at her a little, too. She could sense him feeling like an idiot, but he didn’t try to make excuses for himself. Slowly she lifted her hand and touched his chin, turning his head towards her. Her fingers caressed his cheek softly before she let them slide to his lips. He inhaled sharply and jerked his head back, but not enough for her to loose contact.
“And you’ve never kissed a girl either?” Her question was a mere whisper.
“No.” Luke was whispering, too. He was trying to gather his courage as he began to realize there was at least one thing he wanted do here, with this girl…
Mara felt strangely drawn to this young man just fresh from the farm. She couldn’t see his physical traits, but she felt his presence against her and it filled her with warmth. The feeling was both comforting and earnest, yet it was alluring at the same time, like he couldn’t be pinned down. Mara leaned in and brushed his lips softly with hers. He jumped back, but her finger touched his cheek again, suggesting him to stay. Her nose caressed his and he made a little throaty laugh. She tightened her fingers still lying in his hand. “May I?” Mara breathed.
He leaned in and kissed her.
Oops, he had the guts after all, he wasn’t that awkward, she thought surprised, as his lips met hers.
His kiss wasn’t awkward at all, she decided a few moments later when their lips were still moving against each other. It wasn’t the best kiss she’d ever had, but it surely was the sweetest. Her heart beat harder as she withdraw, not certain if she should continue or not.
He quickly straightened up, too. She could feel his uncertainty, like searching fingers against her mind. What now?
Luke was confused. He had never thought he would share the first kiss of his life with a… well, with a girl he’d paid for. But this girl didn’t feel like…like she was doing a job. She felt alive, feeling and amazing. Amazing was somehow the right word, though he didn’t understand why, because after all he didn’t know her at all. He realized he wanted to do much more with her than just kiss her lips. His body told him that fact in a very convincing manner, but he had been used to ignoring those signals all his life.
Would it be so wrong to... Of course it would! He pushed the thought away. At least he started to do it, but somehow it wasn’t that easy. Rejecting temptations is always easy in your fantasy, but in reality it can be something entirely different. Luke didn’t have his arguments ready. He had his uncle’s condemnations and his aunt’s concealments, but of his own he had only his true-hearted resolve not to harm anyone.
On the other hand, was he really harming this girl?
“Look,” he started. “I know I’ve paid you and all, but I really just wanted a place to stay a few hours. But if we go on like this, I…I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind you keeping the money just for, well, just for talking, really, but now that I got this kiss, too…” He smiled sheepishly and touched his lips. “I guess all I’m trying to say is that maybe we should stop now. You don’t have to feel obliged or anything. I’m quite happy like this.” His lower parts were screaming against his words, but he deliberately ignored them.
Mara stared through the darkness, trying to pierce it with her gaze. Her curiosity was awakened. They might be two strangers brought together but she was realizing with more and more clarity that she wanted to know how much could come out of this. And she was experienced enough to know he would feel the same afterwards, though he tried to be noble now. “Are you sure?” Her voice was almost purring.
“Umm, yes, I…”
She leaned in and captured his lips again. This time she let her mouth follow the movement and allowed her tongue to dart out to push his lips open. She quickly withdrew again, but the touch of her tongue had sent a jolt of fire through his veins and he gasped.
“Absolutely sure?” she teased softly.
He swallowed. His mouth had gone completely dry. Gingerly he reached out to touch her hair, lacing his fingers in the silky curls. For a second it seemed important for him to know what color it was, then, somehow, the question faded as he understood that he didn’t need to know the color of her hair since he already knew how it felt in his hands. He wasn’t bound only to look anymore. He could reach out and take part. In the same moment he knew that this was exactly what he yearned to do!
Gathering all his courage Luke touched her shoulder and tentatively pulled the girl into his arms. Closing the distance between their mouths again, he opened his lips to her access and met her playful tongue in a dance that slowed time, making it go backwards to before the birth of humanity, to the ancient game of mating between man and woman, to the power of the survival and to the joy it brought.
Luke had forgotten time, space and circumstances. He just enjoyed the feeling of this woman he now realized he wanted with all the lust of his young blood and body, and she willingly surrendered to his touch, moaning and urging him to go on. Luke’s hands slid slowly from her shoulders down her spine as the kiss went on and on. Her waist was so slender he could almost cover her back with one hand. Yet he could feel the strength in her lithe body and the contrast turned him on even more. He’d imagined many things in his lonely nights, both on Tatooine and in the Alliance, but reality washed his fantasies away like pale mirages by the breaking of the morning sun. This girl was real and alive and she made him feel more so than he had ever experienced before, even in the heated midst of fight. He let his lips follow her jaw and spent a long time nuzzling her earlobe, before he went on to explore her neck and almost lost himself in the intimate softness it offered.
Mara’s first intention had been to take lead of their lovemaking but she thought better of it as she found her young man quite capable to make out his own trail. To her growing satisfaction, his hands were already firming in their careful exploration of her body. Fumbling as they had been at first, his hands had already got the idea of what to look for, and Mara eagerly arched her back to give them better access. Her quickly heating body moulded against his and encouraged him to use his weight to increase the sensations. At some point Mara leaned back, carefully pulling him with her, so that she half-lay on the many cushions on the bed. She guided him with moves, moans and sighs, and the boy was a clever learner. He would be a sensual lover one day, she could feel that already, and she had all intentions of helping him to good start. For some strange reason that thought turned her on immensely. If she hadn’t been determined to let him learn as much as possible she would already had torn them both out of their clothing and pulled him into her. Yet, perhaps the slow tempo she was forced to was part of her growing excitement?
“Let’s make ourselves a bit more… comfortable, shall we?” Mara suggested. She had propped herself up on an elbow and was now opening the fastenings in his shirt. Her fingers touched the smooth skin of his chest as she dragged the cloth from his shoulders. Luke had rolled to his side and moaned at the light contact of her hands and Mara leaned in to nibble at the skin just over of his collarbone. “You know,” she whispered huskily.” Of all parts on a man, this is my …second, most favorite.” She sucked at the sensitive spot and knew he would have marks when he left her bed. The thought went straight to her abdomen, and she had to pull away to gather herself for a second. Gods, this man was seriously twisting her mind!
With a groan she attacked his body anew and let her tongue continue downwards to play almost violently with his male nipples while her hands stroked his back and hips with firm, suggesting movements. His eyes had fallen closed and his breath was coming in a rapid panting. Mara decided it was time she took lead of their lovemaking. Sliding a leg over his belly, she straddled him, making sure her buttocks deliciously pressed their softness against his marvellously hardened member.
Luke’s eyes fluttered open as the girl moved to sit on top of him. He could see her outlines in the twilight of the room. Following a sudden urge he reached out his hands and tugged at her tight fitting top. When he pulled it over her head, her skin was shimmering in the dark, just as he had known it would. Almost in awe he lifted his hand to touch the tempting rounding of her breast that seemed to call out for him. She laughed softly as his hesitating hands explored their way. “That’s right,” she whispered. “Soft hands… soft hands at first, and then, when you know you’ve awakened every single nerve by your touch, then grab them firmly and claim them your own.”
Mara moved a bit and pulled the young man up slightly, to give his mouth the access to her nipples she knew they both yearned for. First his lips, then his tongue joined his hands in the caress, and she pushed in a few cushions under him in order to support his position. When he took her nipple into his mouth and started suckling, she couldn’t handle herself anymore, her head fell backwards and she groaned loudly, her hips beginning to rock. As she did, she could feel her core making contact with the enlarged bulge in his trousers. The exposure made her head go spinning and apparently it had the same effect on him. For a few wonderful minutes they rubbed sensuously against each other, lost in the sensations washing over them, then Luke growled and jerked up in a move that made Mara dump down on her back again. The next second he was over her, mouth clamping over hers in a passionate kiss and hands roaming fervently over her body. In answer she grabbed the trousers and made a quick work removing them, leaving the young man totally exposed.
She could feel his uncertainty rush up again and realized she had to join his naked state in order not to blow it all at this critical point. Rapidly she removed her own leg clothes and nestled into his body, running her hand on his nice, firm, buttocks. “Better this way?” she whispered.
He swallowed but returned her grip, his mouth hovering close to hers. “Better,” he confirmed hoarsely.
This time their kiss was almost tender again, a confirmation of how far they had come already, and a short break before the storm gathering up in their bodies. Mara wondered briefly, how long the young man would be able to hold on, once he’d entered her. As young and hot as he was, she’d better prepare herself for a quick ending. Perhaps she shouldn’t do the next thing she had intended either…? If he came…
But what was life without risks? Nudging him to lay on his side, she let her hands take a lead to give him the idea of what she wanted to do. He gasped as she touched his erected shaft. She gasped too, in delight. Oh, he felt wonderful; firm, pulsating, velvety soft... She broke the kiss and slid down his body, taking him in with her eyes a first. He was absolutely beautiful! Her eyes had gotten used to the half light in the room and though his face was still hidden by shadows, she had no fear anymore that there was anything repulsive with his looks. As for his body…She bent down and placed a feather light kiss on his proudly raising manhood. He moaned and she repeated the kiss, following it up with a long lick from root to tip. He moaned again and arched his back towards her.
Mara hesitated. “Listen,” she murmured. “I’d like nothing more than suck your brains out for the next hour or so, but I have a feeling, since this is your first time, that it would cause the fun to stop short. Now, I’m going to suck you anyway, but as soon as you feel you can’t hold anymore, I want you to push me away, roll me onto my back and just take me. Ok?”
“Ok.” His voice was almost cracking and Mara smiled.
She kissed the tip of his cock, again marvelling at its fresh vigor, and then opened her mouth to encircle him. As she couldn’t cover him completely she used her tongue and hands to compensate, enjoying the wresting and moans her treatment caused.
As she had expected, he couldn’t hold for long, though. It seemed as too short a time before his manic movement made her break the contact. Before she could gasp, he’d rolled her onto her back and rose over her, a shadow, shivering in his urgent need. She spread her legs and knew she needed no help from him to get ready. Her womanhood was so wet she could actually hear it.
He stayed in the air for an instance, not hesitating, but in a desperate desire to make this an act of will as much as of body. Mara’s heart skipped a beat in sudden fear that he’d refuse to take this to an end. “Come,” she pleaded. “Come! Please!”
In the darkness their eyes met. The little light in the room seemed to gather in his eyes, she thought, and didn’t know he saw the same in her gaze. Then he was inside her, filling her, and both their eyes fell closed by the sensations that overwhelmed their bodies.
Luke had never, ever imagined that a sensation could be so intense. Nothing he had ever done to himself had prepared him for anything even remotely like this. As he mounted her, her wet womanhood surrounded him with wonderful hot pressure and made him loose himself in pleasure. Still, he fought to keep his focus, to make this moment go on a little longer yet. Not to prove, just to savour.
Mara grabbed the hips moving onto her, to be able to guide him into the slowly pushing movements her body was screaming for. Once again, he followed her lead, as if picking up her feelings. His thrusts became steady and increasingly powerful as he pushed into to her heated flesh making her inner walls kept tighten and convulse around him. Before Mara knew, she could feel her body go spinning out of control. “Gods,” she moaned. “I’m coming, I…” Her back arched, her nails dug into his back as her screams of passion mixed with his. He threw her over the edge and then followed her like a rocket, spilling himself entirely, deep into her body.
For seconds, long as eternity, they clung to each other, still shivering by the powerful release they’d gone through. Then, as one mind still, their bodies went limp and they rolled to their side onto the bed, only fingers still clasping onto each other.
With a tremendous effort Mara finally turned to look at her young lover. His features were still in shadows, only beams of sweat glimmered faintly on his face. As the wave of heat moved over, another feeling entirely made it way into his mind. She sensed worry from him, panic, almost. “What’s the matter?” she asked softly.
He swallowed hard.. “I… didn’t think…Not to blame you or anything, but… I should have remembered… We didn’t use protection!”
“I forgot,” Mara admitted. “And you’re right. It’s extremely stupid. Of both of us. Yet…”
She hesitated, but her urge to be honest with this youngster took over her usual protocols of safety.
“There is no damage. Not this time. This is my first time on the job, so I know with certainty that I’m clean.”
His surprise beamed out of him. “It was your first time?”
“Only on the job.” Mara smiled wryly. “But I know for sure I don’t have any diseases.” She did indeed. Palpatine had his dancing girls checked on a weekly basis. Though Mara wasn’t obliged to the same services as the others she succumbed to the health check in order not to stand out too much.
“But that’s not the only matter.” He was very serious now. “I could just have made you pregnant.”
Mara blinked. Oh yes. That was true. The original reason for men and women to sleep together was to mate, to reproduce. She had almost forgotten. To most people it was an issue. Not to the Emperor’s Hand. Palpatine had taken care of that as soon as her menses started at thirteen. There were threats enough in her job and that would be a too stupid one to have hanging. Her state could always be changed, but not without a brief surgery. She patted the hand beside her. “Not a problem with me,” she assured. “But you take care next time!”
He let out a sigh of relief. “Oh yes! You bet I will!
They lay in silence for a while. He raised his arm and after some hesitation she nestled to his chest.  Luke thought about how much time he had paid for. Mara was silently wondering the same.
“What’s your name?” Luke mumbled.
“Lianna,” she replied without thinking. “What’s yours?”
“Luke…“ He hesitated. “Listen, can I stay here a little longer? I’ll pay for whatever you want but …I think I could seriously use a nap right now.” He blushed.
Mara smiled in the dark. “You know what. I could too. And as long as you pay, no one else will make a fuss either. Clear it up with Mother in the morning.”
Luke sighed in relief. He didn’t have a large amount of lokal money left, but he could drop the local food and live on rationbars. A good night’s sleep would compensate fully for that, and as he sniffed the girls softly curling hair, he couldn’t think of a better place to spend a night.
“What’s your hair color?” he wondered drowsily. Sleep was taking him, but he felt he wanted to know.
For a second he thought of the brothel mother’s angrily red mane. “Right…” Then he fell asleep.

* * *
The next morning Lianna was gone and Luke settled his business with the Madam, paying for the night.
It wasn’t before several days later that one of the girls found a large amount of money in the drawer of room 31.
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