Setting: Myrkr forest, 9 ABY, inside Heir to the Empire

Characters: Mara, Luke

Rating: R for coarsing and latrinal matters



Mara glared at the Jedi’s back, as he walked on before her. They had paced the forest for hours and he hadn’t slowed down a bit yet. Just kept dragging that blasted droid on its travois. Mara gritted her teeth. Her sprained ankle was troubling her badly by now, not to speak of other needs, and there was still three hours to nightfall. But no way she’d be the one to suggest a break. Not even an ever so short one!
Suddenly Skywalker stopped and for a second Mara though he’d sensed what she was thinking. But of course that was impossible. They were on Myrkr and he had no chance of using his Jedi tricks here.
Carefully Skywalker put the frame down and turned to look at her with those earnest calm eyes of his. “I’d need a ‘fresher.”
Mara raised her eyebrows. “You’re lucky. There’s an entire forest available,” she mocked
He nodded gravely and headed towards a thick shrub. There hadn’t been many of them, Mara realized. Obviously he’d had a need for a while now but had waited for them to come by a suitable bush. Well, on a trip like this, even basic needs could demand long time planning, Mara reflected slightly amused.
Just before Skywalker disappeared behind the bush he turned to his droid. “Artoo, keep and extra careful eye on the surroundings, will you. I wouldn’t wish to be caught like this…” He nodded deadpanned at Mara. “And by all means stay ready with that blaster…”
Mara foamed with rage. She would not stop pointing her blaster towards Skywalker, just because he’d ooze of sarcasm. He could shit in that bush, knowing she had her blaster pointed at him all the time. She didn’t care!
It was a completely different matter that she desperately needed to go herself.
Should she use the same bush? Or should she count on them passing another suitable one very soon? Mara scanned the woods for the hundredth time. The forest around was full of smaller trees and stones, but none of them offered nearly the level of privacy as Skywalker’s did.
Or, well, “privacy” wasn’t perhaps the best word to use in this case, she realized. Sounds, even small ones, could not stay behind a bush.
If this had been an interrogation situation, she knew, it could have been perfect to use those embarrassing small facts against him.
But she didn’t have an upper hand in this, she was stuck in the same boat. Besides, she’d never cared for humiliating people in the first place. Kill them if you have to, but treat them like humans. Treat people like you’d want them to treat you, all that crap. Mara suppressed a sigh. Morals could be pretty tiring. But once again, the decent thing to do appeared to be the smartest as well.
Hence she kept her face straight when the Jedi a bit stiffly appeared from the bush.
“Finished already? Wonderful. Now sit down with your back at that tree.” She gestured with her blaster.
He cocked a questioning eyebrow but did as she told him. Without further comments Mara marched to the bush and dug in behind it.
Well, at least there weren’t any flies yet. Mara had to holster her blaster and open several claspings to carry out her errand. That was the bad part of being a woman in a bodysuit.  Finally ready to crouch down she suddenly frowned in bewilderment. Where had he laid the logs? Then it dawned to her the Jedi had dug a small hole and then buried his leavings after him. Sith! How had he known she was coming after him? Had he somehow been reading her mind after all? Blushing as she sat there, she was already raging over his over-zealous consideration. Or was he showing a weakness here, a self-consciousness – after all he was nothing but an inhibited Farmboy!
Mind racing, she found she was hurrying as much as she could. She had to remind herself to take the time she needed. Better face it; next time, when the errand was shorter, Skywalker wouldn’t have to make so much fuss about it, and no way was she going to surrender to more or longer breaks than him! At least not unless she was absolutely forced to!
Mara rubbed a hand over her face. What was she dithering about? What the blazes was this strange competition she was having with Skywalker? They were shitting behind the same bush, for Sith’s sake, and here she was worried if he would consider it a weakness of hers if she had to use more time than him at next pee-break!
Hyllyard City was still two days walk away - she definitely needed to get a grip again – and a real grip this time!
Skywalker was resting his head and arms against his knees when she returned, looking exactly like he’d taken a nap. Had she been noisy? Mara didn’t’ think she had, but somehow the awareness that he knew, was just enough.
“Your consideration is really touching,” she commented, voice laced with sarcasm. "But you didn’t really need to take the trouble to bury your poo. My stomach can handle a ‘log ‘ in the woods, quite well, thank you.”
The Jedi looked up and frowned. “I didn’t do it for you. I didn’t even know you hade to go too.”
Mara felt herself blush. She’d be Kesseled! She had overestimated her enemy in a most childish way and moreover she had managed to demonstrate her own stupidity, more or less offering her enemy the upperhand. She steeled herself for the blow.
But the blow didn’t come. Instead Skywalker smiled gently. “If solid waste is buried at the proper depth, it will decompose more quickly, and return nutrients to the general life cycle,” he explained.
There was no doubt of his earnesness. He was actually lecturing her about recycling while she was waiting for the right moment to kill him! ”You worry about life on this force forsaken planet?” she snorted, holding her defences fiecly in place, but also starting to wonder if she was keeping her stand the right place at all.

Skywalker shrugged. ”Life is life, Mara - it all deserves our respect”
She walked to the rugsack she’d dropped and took a sip from the water bottle. “What about you?”
The Jedi nodded, and Mara tossed the water to him. He rose to grab it and took a few gulps too. Then, walking back to his droid, he threw the bottle back. “Thanks.”
Mara made an acknowledging grunt. Courtesy! Again! Well. Maybe it was appropriate to say ‘thank you’ in a situation like this.
She gestured with her gun, and they begun walking again.
Basicly, his courtesy was unendurably annoying.
On the other hand…Right now, she didn’t really mind.

© 2008 Kataja

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