Luke and Mara
- The Wedding


She’d always been beautiful in his eyes – be that with her face chiseled in hatred on Myrkr, her countenance taut of concentration in a firefight, be she strained by physical exertion or drained by lack of sleep with dark rings encircling those amazing, green eyes.
She had turned even more beautiful when she had revealed her dry sense of humor; not to speak of when she’d learned how to smile, her features softening as she did, the tight fures of bitterness disappearing and light ignating in her eyes.
He had been elated when he first saw that – her lovely smile.
He had been even more thrilled when he finally could enfold her in his arms. The first times, he’d been perfectly content to simply hold her, marvelling her tiny waist, taking in her scent, feeling her warm breath against his chin, cherishing the sensation of her heartbeat against his chest. Soon, however, they had taken it further; bodies used to starving and minds doomed to longing craving a completeness denied so long.
He had thought she could never be more beautiful than in ecstasy.
Still, when he saw her through the crowd gathered in Reflection Gardens, she took his breath away.
She was excuisite. The flower sprinkled gown ran down her slender frame and erupted in a cloud of silk. Her neck rose from the creamy embrace of the gown and reached towards a golden crown of hair that framed her enchanting face softly. The Ithorian roses in her tresses matched the ones on her cheeks and Luke realized that Mara Jade was shy for the first time in her life.
In that moment, the insight causing his chest to swell of tenderness, she lifted her chin, eyes rising to meet his – and the rest of the world faded away, superfluous.
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