Here a set of dark AU drabbles set during Dark Empire, 10 ABY. Maybe they'll result in a fic one day and maybe I'll then find out what happens myself... 

Rating: R for implied sexual violence




She wakes with a start.




*Come to me!*


Nothing more. That one command only. She lays with heart hammering, breath sticking in her throat, wanting, doubting, fearing - staring into the pitch black of the night.


He wasn’t what she thought – she knows that. Even she wasn’t what she thought - hard did she buy the knowledge that her entire life was based on deception.


That knowledge sceams its protest through every fiber of her being as she slips from her layer and starts to gather her things. But the submission of a lifetime isn’t to be washed away but rational knowledge. 





Knowledge – Hope


Resistance - Loyalty


Independence – Honor


Maybe - her heart reaches out for what her mind knows to be a lie – if he’s not dead, then maybe there’s some explanation to it all? Maybe he was right; maybe she was right; maybe all those wrongs she’s seen since the blind fell from her eyes, were but a bad dream?


Her mind resists… and crumbles… She wanted nothing but serve him! She plegded herself to serve him – not herself - nor those her own tiny hopes and dreams that now whimper and writhe and fade under the crushing assault of allegiance.





Karrde wakes of the soft beep of an alarm – and knows it’s time. Turning on the small holocam, he follows the slender figure moving swiftly from one lense to another as she makes her way towards the transport bay - and his heart reaches out to her. 


After two years she’s still an enigma to him – and her attachment to her old Master even more so – but ever since he heard rumors of the Emperor’s return he’s feared this moment. Still, he can’t make himself to stop her.


All he truly feels he can do for her - is to trust – and hope.



She lays as he’s left her for hours; arms outspread, body limp, unseeing eyes staring into the wall.


This betrayal -  she knew it would come. So strong was his grip of her that nothing could have prevented her from returning.


And nothing will ever allow her to forgive.


A whimper escapes her when she realizes it matters nothing – he will still keep her, claim her, use her to spawn his offspring.



For weeks she shuts herself out of the world, of the Force, the only refusal she is capable of.


And the seed spires, the seed of a cloned man.




Finally she rises and leaves her quarters, chin high, eyes defiant, her red, silky dress rustling against the floor.


Following a quiet whisper she meanders the castle,  people she passes faint shadows to her mind. A man stands by a window, his hair fair against the black cape. He turns - and for a moment time stops. 




Their mutual shock roams in the Force but his features levels, cold façade restoring in an eyeblink.


And she wants to kill him - more desperately than ever before - his betrayal suddenly appearing even greater than her Master’s. But all she does is walk to him.




His hands are clasped behind his back, hiding; trying. What? His betrayal? His bad conscience? Does he still have one left?


Her hands clench to fists. “So. You turned.”


He reguards her calmly. “You returned.”


Her shame is too great – she recoils by the slap, staggers one step…


His hand catches her arm – swift but soft – and when she looks up she sees surprise and compassion in his face.


Their eyes lock and in that moment she knows that he has heard her mute scream, has understood the depth of her humiliazion    and she realizes – his eyes are still blue.



She recoils from his words but stops at the insight; his eyes are still blue. Not her Master’s sulphous, sticking, sickly  yellow but that deep blue, earnest, steady gaze she’s always secretly admired. Her heart starts pounding wildly in her chest – can it … can he…? Is it possible…?


She holds her breath, staring into his eyes that meet hers so intently, boring into her soul, searching, doubting – and what? Hoping? Yes, he hopes too – that she would not be lost to darkness - which means he’s not lost either! The realization hits her like a splash of fresh, clear water and hope awakes anew.





Her heart leaps  - he is not Sith. Not yet. But if not  – why is he here? Her Master would see through petty lies – he can’t be a spy, it can’t be an act.


She reaches out with her feeble Force powers and the answer strikes back like a flash, burning into her awareness, making her gasp - darkness - looming around him, heavy like lost hope, crackling with restrained power.


Yet the concern and compassion in his eyes is no lie either.


Sith – and no Sith… His allegiance is still new… Is it possible to walk the line and yet not fall?





She served Palpatine all her life – to her, resistance is impossible, the simple thought to ignore a command from him unthinkable. But he…?


His bonds are not like hers. Are they bonds at all? What does she understand of the relationship between a Sith and a Master?


Betrayal was always a part of it, that much she knows. Maybe Luke is resisting darkness, Palpatine. Maybe his heart is still what it always was. But if, when, he revolts his Master – will that not be exactly to thread the path his Master wishes – the treacherous, cunning, winding road of the Sith?


A sinister laughter shatters the air and Mara twists about, to see Palpatine approach, dark robe rustling over the marble.
His smiles falsly. “What a happy couple. Him – so bold and potent. Her – an angels face hiding the devil underneath…”
He grabbs her arm and pulls her close, planting a nauseating kiss on her temple, then lowers his head to whisper, eyes on Luke. “He’s handsome, is he not? Look at him – and know, my dear, that he’s the reason I had to force my love on you. He’s the reason you’d never given yourself to me freely.”


She tries to vrestle free but his hand is like a vice. She struggles but stiffens again when he brings his mouth to her ear, his words sending shivers down her spine. “Oh, yes, Mara Jade. I know it all. I know it was for the sake of his beautiful, blue eyes that you renounced your love to me.”
He laughs. “And now he’s here – with you. Rejoice, little Hand. Of course, in time, those blue eyes will change to yellow.” His tongue klicks in mockery. “But we don’t always get what we want, do we? That’s the sacrifice you must make.”


Palpatine turns to Luke, his smile a vicious lie, voice dripping of poison.
“And you, Skywalker. Don’t deny that you’ve been dreaming of this woman – secretly, in the silent embrace of the night, when lights were out and only the Force was there to hear your feeble whispers. While you denied yourself the support and joy of a loving companion your body still yearned for this woman, betraying you. I have seen your soul – I know. You desire her enough to kill for her.
He twists her arm and sends her spinning into Luke’s arms. “Well, you can have her.”


Mara stumbles but Luke’s arms catches her. She looks to his face, seeking for denial, defence even, but his features are like cut in the marble they stand on. Only his embrace speaks of something else as he pulls her closer, like is he trying to shelter her from Palpatine’s piercing accusations and sick manipulations.
The Emperor looks at them for a moment, then breaks out into mad, roaring laughter.
“Have her, Skywalker. Use her - for fun, to soothe your sleep, to nurse your own manhood - any way you want. But know, that she will give birth to my legacy.”

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